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IT project

IT project 2010

jo casela

on 7 December 2011

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Transcript of IT project

Texting helps communicating TEXTING !!!! :) ;) >| with people around the world. However, some scientists say that texting too much is affecting How we talk and write formally nowadays What do YOU think? Is texting good, or bad? THANK YOU! Words like " 'cause" instead of "because", are written in a form barely understandable to the person who doesn't text People don't remember some unabbreviated versions! People even start talking abbreviations. After years of texting, people write short. HOW TXTIN IS AFECTIN OUR WRITIN N SPEAKIN SKILS Both parents and teachers disaprove texting Some specialist fear texting is affecting sleeping. Students are writing formally using slang. Kids send 2,900 texts a month Texting became popular in America in 2000 The amount of texts sent a year by 2004 were about 500 billion texts! Some teachers think texting is good! With SMS, companies sell a lot more, and can grow a lot faster Some police make SMS alerts for crimes. Some teachers say texting is expression. How Texting is a Good Thing What is text messaging? There is the SMS and the MMS It's an exchange of brief words. There is the texter, and the text. Person-to-person messaging is common Texts connect with electronic services. Texting is developing throughout the world. Telephone operators earn up to $50 billion. Texting also affects safe driving! RESOURCES "Text Messaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia." Wikipedia. Wikipedia, Web. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_messaging>. NetLingo. "texting - NetLingo the internet Divtionary: online dictionary of computer and internet terms, acronyms, text messaging, smileys ;-)". NetLingo. 5/5/2010 <http://www.netlingo.com/word/texting.php> Feldman, Barbara J. "Texting and Education: What teachers are saying about kids who text." Wikipedia. SurfNetKids, February 5, 2010 . Web. <http://www.surfnetkids.com/safety/texting_and_education_what_teachers_are_saying_about_kids_who_text-45617.htm>. All in all, Scientists, teachers, bussinessmen, and kids, have different opinions on texting But should we keep using This communication booster? Our answer is... TEXT!!! Texting helps speak to anyone, anytime. IRVINE, MARTHA. "Text Messaging on Rise With Young People". 2006:
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