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Hip Hop Presentation

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Tiffany Anderson

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Hip Hop Presentation

Hip Hop
Tiffany Anderson
Sophia Wysocki
Hussain AlAwani
Benjamin Krug
Rachel Alexander
Audrey Bailey

-Charactoristics of Rap Music
-History of hip hop music
-Hip Hop in different parts in the world Culture
-Key Demographics
Mostly black mostly urban
Used to focus on lower class
Modern mainstream hip hop and rap branches out to many different cultures
New York
Las Angelas
St. Louis

Clothing and Style
Bright clothing
Tattoos Rap Translater:
Hi = Sup
Friend= Homie
Girlfriend= Ho
Girl - Shawty
Boy- Bro
Where are you?= Where u at?

Common trends- shorten words or add unique ending.
There also is a lack of verbs, as well as racial slang.

Four Main Components of Hip Hop
1.) MC
2.) DJ
3.) Breakdancing
4.) Graffiti culture History Origin
Began in 70's
Started in the Bronx
DJ Kool Herc
-Grandfather of Hip hop
-He was Jamaican
-Roots in Anciet African culture
-Influenced by Jamaican beat Early Rap Music
"Rapper's Delight"- Sugar Hill Gang
Major hit of 1979
First radio airplay Major Highlights in Rap History
Run DMC - Raising Hell 1986
Major Highlights in Rap History
Iced T "Thats how I'm Livin" 1993 Major highlighs of Hip hop
Flo Rida "Low" 2007
More clubbing oriented Progression Of Hip Hop
-As time has progressed rap and hip hop have
divided into sub genres with different subjects

Dirty South
Etc. Politics Early Hip hop/ Rap
Racism and Inequality
1984 South Bronx
- Street Parties
- Intercity Social Crisis
- Moral Crisis
-Fight the Power - Public Enemy 1990

" Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant
-- to me yousee/straight up racist that sucker was"

First Banned Rap Album
2 live crews "As Nasty as They Wanna Be" 1990
Caused major controversy
Spawned dirty rap Political views
More Left Winged
Right Winged views expressed through right to bear arms and emphasis to make money Hip Hop and Rap's Incorporation of Politics in Music
Comparing the beginning of rap to present day rap, politics are less emphasized in lyrics
Before focused on topics such as:
- Racism
- Inequality
- Black Pride
- Government Issues
- Economy
- Life's Hardships
Today, in America, topics are more focused on:
- Making Money
- Sex
- Drugs
- Dancing Religion Hip Hop and gospel music
Prevelant in Christain relgion
Way to relate to younger generation
"Holy hip hop is the language of this generation
to filter the gospel in the form of parable to music
Atmosphere "Get Fly" Religions World Wide
Middle Eastern women using hip hop
as a way to rebel traditional sexism. World Wide Middle Eastern Hip hop
When it started
Why its resisted
Why the singers hide their real name
Interpretation Summary:
Hip Hop is much broader than what we thought
Has more elements and genres
As a whole, it always been controveral, but becoming more accepted
-Pre recorded tapes
-Western band
-Beats usually 4/4 time
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