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No description

Lorcann Gyo Cuevas

on 18 January 2014

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Leader: Juliene Benette Molod
Secretary: Sarah Faye Dualan
Treasurer: Jean Audrey Villaluz
Blogger: Dunn Beaver Quitangon
Web Master: Renz Janrick Solomon
Designer: Lorcann Gyo Cuevas
Member: Missia Angela Rojas
Name: Juliene Benette Molod
Nickname: Yenyen
Age: 13
Birthday: June 16, 2000
Gender: Female
Address: BLK161OT Woodpecker St.
Capitol Hills Sulod. TMC, Cavite
Contact No.:4192660
Position: Leader
Name: Sarah Faye Dualan
Nickname: Faye
Age: 12
Birthday: January 25,2001
Gender: Female
Address: 4th Street Malainen Bago Naic,Cavite
Contact No.: 09983261062
Position: Secretary
Name: Jean Audrey Villaluz
Nickname: Jean
Age: 12
Birthday: March 5,2001
Gender: Female
Address: 454 Casanueva St.
Amaya, Tanza, Cavite
Contact No.: 09055180006
Position: Treasurer
Name: Dunn Beaver Quitangon
Nickname: Beaver/Dunn
Age: 13
Birthday: April 15,2000
Gender: Male
Address: Real St. Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo,Cavite
Contact No.: 09186962412
Position: Blogger

Name: Renz Janrick Solomon
Nickname: Renz
Age: 13
Birthday: August 28,2000
Gender: Male
Address: Caingin, Maragondon, Cavite
Contact No.: None
Position: Web Master
Name: Lorcann Gyo Cuevas
Nickname: Gyo
Age: 12
Birthday: June 25, 2001
Gender: Male
Address: Sto. Niño St. Ternate,Cavite
Contact No.: 09473536063
Position: Designer

Name: Missia Angela Rojas
Nickname: Missia
Age: 13
Birthday: December 17,2000
Gender: Female
Address: 146, Sabang, Naic, Cavite
Contact No.: 4121056
Position: Member
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