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Why is kpop so popuplar

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Tiffany Tan

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Why is kpop so popuplar

why is K-Pop so popular?
What are the negative points of K-pop? K-pop is popular as their songs are catchy which suits the trend now.
The dances are choreographed to fit the song perfectly and the artists bring together with them their personalities and share with their fans
Through the presence of Facebook fan pages,twitter and music videos on YouTube ,make K-pop more accessible to their fans. Teenagers may neglect their homework to watch Korean drama rather than studying and may cause their grades to drop. K-pop is addictive.People end up imitating Korean fashion,watching Korean drama. K-pop makes people think that they do not have a good body figure,as the girls in K-pop (eg.SNSD) have very nice skin tone and body figure. People also waste their money to buy K-Pop stuff,like CDs and posters. But actually they are physically attractive because they undergo Plastic Surgery. 1.Taeyeon
2.Sunny Here are some of the pictures of the girls in SNSD before they did plastic surgery Artist in some/ most K-pop groups do not compose their own songs and do not use their instrument, but some of the bands in the western uses their instruments. K-pop sexualises women Any Questions?? Video of All SNSD girls before plastic surgery. THE END Bands in some western countries, are not judged by their appearance, but their vocal,but in K-pop,they are judged by their appearance,not their vocal. Here are the prices of some K-pop stuff... vs wear lesser clothes wear more clothes Sassy Girl Done By:
Tiffany Tan
Lin Luping
Joseph Lee
Wen Xuan Girls generation SNSD Run Devil Run poster:$10.99
Big Bang: Alive:$20.99
Heartbreaker(G-dragon): $17.99 Just for your Information we are all K-pop haters...
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