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AfPo2017 - International connections (wk12)

No description

Yvan Guichaoua

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of AfPo2017 - International connections (wk12)

Extraversion. Three brief Illustrations
International connections
Implications of African securitisation
Extraversion redux
The security rent

Perceptions reshaped

Securitising Africa?
African 'neo-trusteeships'

Hyper-connected continent yet connected in special ways

Against the
discourse, against 'the paradigm of the
' yet taking
into account
What does Africa export?
Branch's view on the ICC
China in Africa. Did it change the pattern of extraversion?
NB: Africa's share of global exports: 2.4%
- restoration of African agency
- joint diplomatic concerns
- new entrant strategy?

International connections "
from below
" v International connections "
from above
" --> Our analytical compass still works
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