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English II Project

Nobel Prize Recipient Ernest Rutherford

Logan Duran

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of English II Project

By: Logan Duran Ernest Rutherford's Biography. -Rutherford lived on a farm as a child, born in August 30, 1871. Education and Early Accomplishments - Rutherford was named the "Father of the Nuclear Age," because of conducting the amazing "Gold Foil Experiment." Amazing Accomplishments - Believe it or not, his famous experiment came AFTER he had the prize. Nobel Prize http://www.tutorvista.com/content/physics/physics-iv/atoms-and-nuclei/thomsons-model.php




http://www.convertfiles.com/ The end Early Life and Hardships This is JJ Thomson; Rutherford researched and worked under him
at Cambridge. - As a high school graduate of government schools, he left to Nelson Collegiate.
- There, he wrote a thesis about magnetization of iron by high frequency discharges as a Grad there, creating highly original experiments. - He lived through poverty in a family with 12 children. - His mother stressed education on him; she was a schoolteacher who believed it's the most important thing. Ernest Rutherford - He received M.A in Physical Science and Mathematics and a BS in them. - In 1889, he transferred to the University of New Zealand under a scholarship. - From this, he disproved JJ Thomson's atomic structure theory A.K.A the Plum Pudding Model. - He theorized that the nucleus held all the mass and charge in it. - He also proposed the atom was mostly empty space. DISPROVED! - He won the prize in the Chemistry field - Was Knighted and later became a Lord or Baron. - He received it on his disintegration theory which stated that radioactivity is an atomic process. - He had lots of experimental data to back up this theory. - Alpha (Helium ions) and Beta particles were classified from Uranium radiation. - He also received it for defining the chemistry of radioactive substances.
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