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Amazing Penguin Rescue EA

No description

Gene Monahan

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of Amazing Penguin Rescue EA

The Amazing Penguin Rescue
June 23rd, 2000
On June 23rd, 2000 a tragic incident accoured. A cargo ship called Treasure spilled in Cape Town, Africa Caused fifteen thousand tons of oil exposed to the Endangered African Penguins. There was a countless number of birds that had mixed up the oil with the ocean. They could barely swim threw the thick harmful oil.
The Amazing Heroes
Many rescuers came to help the poor penguins. iN FACT, THERE WERE 12,500 rESCUERS who took thEIR own time to help rescue these penguins. They were very persistent to help THE sick birds. Each and every single rescuer had lots of passion for the SICK penguins. While They tried to capture the birds they bit, snapped, and kicked at the rescuers with lots of anger.
The Incredible Efforts
The efforts that the rescuers gave were endless! They never gave up, not once! Before they arrived to Cape Town, out of twenty, thousand, three hundred had died. There wasn't anything the volunteers could do in that situation except work harder to help the penguins that were still alive. It would take two people to wash each penguin. The birdS gOt washed with soapy water. Every body part got washed. When the washing process was finished, the bird would got washed off under a hose. The entire process to sanitize one bird took an entire hour. After they were all washed and clean, the penguins were sent into more care. They were sent to safe shelters and warehouses to be kept both warm and safe. To wash all 20,000 birds it took a few months!
Picture Credits: Google Free Images
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