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Halo presentation

tamim zeineddine

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Halo

Double click anywhere & add an idea Introductry When learning about Halo, it is good to know... Who is master chief What some vehicles are in Halo What are the flood What are some covenant creatures Who is the arbitor Who is Master Chief? This is Master Chief, the last sparton He survived the battle of Reach by escaping on the pillar of autumn Later, he destroyed the first Halo What are the Flood The flood are the deadliest parasetic form known to man This is the flood life cycle What are some covanent creatures? Grunts It weilds special ops Elites It Wields Hunters What are some covanent and human vehicles These are some human vehicles IRV warthhog Scorpian Covanent vehicles banshee Wraith Who is the Arbiter The Arbiter used to be the commander of the fleet of particular justice One of his missions was to destroy the planet reach He completed his mission, but master chief escaped and destroyed the first halo
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