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Yr 10 Electricity

My first Prezi made for my year 10 science class going through the electricity unit.

graham conlon

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of Yr 10 Electricity

Resistance Current is the
rate at which
electrons flow Measured per second Electricity Electrostatics Static Electricity Movement of Electrons Through Friction, electrons
are gained (Negative charge) or
Lost (Positive Charge) Charged material will attract
or repel other charged material Earthing circuits allow charge to flow through from -ive to +ive units of charge
- a number of electrons grouped together
Current The number of electrons flowing simultaneously past a point per second Resistance Opposition to current flow Voltage Series Switch Voltage is shared
Current is unchanged Must be measured in parallel Calculations V = I x R Voltmeter Ammeter Resistor Bulb I = V / R R = V / I Battery Only one path for
the charge to flow no voltage, no current Voltage
current Voltage
Current Parallel Multiple pathways
for the current to flow Voltage is unchanged
Current is shared Electrons are Negatively charged
particles that can move easily opposite charges Attract! repel! like charges Allows electrons to
flow to / from the ground
thus avoiding a sudden
(and dangerous) discharge
(possibly a SPARK) Terms Symbols The amount of
energy carried
by each charge. Types of Circuit Must be measured
in Series
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