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How to be a good waiter/waitress?

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Sofia Alejandra Ochoa Sanchez

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of How to be a good waiter/waitress?

Firts steps... ... Last step... How to become a good waiter/waitress? By: Sofia Ochoa 1.Prepare to stand on your feet all day...If you cant do
that simple thing, say good bye to your job, because that
work is to you to move to be fast and prepare in all situations that can pass.
2.Prepare for the unexpected... You need to be 100% prepare if it pass an accident or the costumer have a problem with you or the menu with all situations you need to remember that the costumer always have the reason and also to remember to call the manager for any bad situation. 3.Always be clean... With all like your person , your
work place( the table that you attend), your notes
(orders) and also your home and later that will be a custom.

4.Know the complete menu... That is logic if you want to work in a restaurant is like the base without that you cant do anything.

5.Be repect and polite... With all people.

6.Have tolerance with the costumers... No matter what. Enjoy it...If you follow this easy steps
will be becoming soon a great
waiter/waitress. Yupi!!!
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