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How to Conduct Book Clubs in an Elementary Classroom (Advant

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Brittney Owens

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of How to Conduct Book Clubs in an Elementary Classroom (Advant

How to Conduct Book Clubs in an Elementary Classroom (Advantages/ Disadvantages/ Possible Barriers
What is a book club?
Groups of readers who meet on a regular basis to discuss books.

Book Clubs are not…
Leveled reading groups
Guided reading groups
Whole class novel studies
Content- area study groups
Reading workshops

How to form a book club within a classroom setting?
Teachers choose five or six books and collect multiple copies of each one. Students choose the book they want to read and form groups or “book clubs” to read and respond to the book. They develop a reading and discussion schedule, and the teacher participates in some of the discussions.

The Advantages of Book Clubs
Books are available at a variety of reading levels.
Students are more strongly motivated because they choose the books they read.
Students have opportunity to work with their classmates.
Activities are student directed, and work at their own pace.
Teachers may participate in discussions to help students clarify misunderstandings and think more deeply about the book.

The Disadvantages of book clubs..
Sometimes students choose books that are too difficult or too easy for them.
Students must learn to be task oriented and to use time wisely in order to be successful.
Teachers often feel a loss of control because students are reading different books.

The Essential Elements of a book club..
Student choice in book selections
Small group size (4 to 6 students)
Multiple copies of the same book
Daily independent reading time
Meeting preparation ( journals, sticky notes, graphic organizers, response bookmarks, etc..
Weekly book club meetings

7 Steps to Book Club Success..
1. Select and locate appropiate books
2. Introduce the books to students
3. Ask students to prioritize book choices
4. Form groups of 4 to 6 students
5. Provide time for reading and written response
6. Conduct weekly book club meetings
7. Reflect on participation and extend learning

Let’s watch a video of a book club in action..
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