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Colonization Review

No description

Heath Robinson

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Colonization Review

Colonization Review
1. Why did the English create a colony at Jamestown in 1607?
a. All the cool countries were colonizing.
b. Spread Catholicism
c. To find Natural Resources - GOLD!
d. Hatred of Spain
2. In 1620, this group left England in search of religious freedom.
a. Quakers
b. Pilgrims
c. Shakers
d. Amish
3. The Puritans wanted-
a. to reform the Church of England
b. representation in Parliament
c. a King in the American colonies
d. All of the above
4. Indentured servants were people who agreed to be a slave for set period of time. Why?
a. earn a free trip to the New World
b. they were poor
c. opportunity to improve their life.
d. all of the above
5. What religious group dominated Pennsylvania in the colonial period?
a. Shakers
b. Puritans
c. Quakers
d. Catholics
6. The physical geography of the Southern colonies promoted the production of-
a. Livestock
b. Cash Crops
c. Timber
d. Manufactured goods
a. Cotton
b. Tobacco
c. Wheat
d. Indigo
8. Roger Williams was kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his radical beliefs. What colony did he go on to settle?
a. New Hampshire
b. Connecticut
c. New Jersey
d. Rhode Island
9. Why were there more slaves in Virginia than New England?
a. Virginians have no heart
b. Virginia had a monopoly on the slave trade.
c. It was against the New Englander's religion to own slaves
d. Virginia plantations used a lot of manual labor.
10. What important document did the Pilgrims sign?

a. Magna Carta
b. The Constitution
c. English Bill of Rights
d. Mayflower Compact
11. All of the following are reasons why it was difficult to start a family in colonial Virginia EXCEPT-
a. Marriage was illegal
b. There were few women
c. Death rate was high
d. There were few churches
a. New England
b. Georgia
c. Carolinas
d. Virginia
13.Which culture DID NOT collide during the Colonization of North America?
a. Russian
b. African
c. Native American
d. European
14. The first elected REPRESENTATIVE assembly in the New World.
a. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
b. Mayflower Compact
c. House of Burgesses
d. Congregationalism
15. Thomas Hooker helped settle-
a. Massachusetts Bay Colony
b. Plymouth Colony
c. South Carolina
d. Connecticut
16. William Penn helped found-
a. Pennsylvania
b. Georgia
c. New York
d. Maine
17. William Penn and Roger Williams have this in common.
A. They were kicked out of a colony.

B. Their fathers were ashamed of their choices in life.

c. They valued personal freedoms.

d. They believed in violent protest.
18. This CASH CROP helped Jamestown survive.
a. Cotton

b. Tobacco

c. Indigo

d. Wheat
19. Why was slavery common in the Southern colonies?
a. They needed people to catch fish

b. It helped earn large profits

c. Indentured Servants were reliable workers

d. Everybody benefited
20. Evangelical religious movement that encouraged a more emotional approach to Church.
a. Congregationalism

b. First Great Awakening

c. Great Migration

d. Yeoman
This colonial region had small farms
New England
Which country controlled the Mississippi River?
Great Britain
Which region experienced faster population growth?
New England
24. Making money off of a business transaction.
Compound Interest
25. Trading goods for GOLD in order to increase the country's treasury and power.
26. Pilgrims signed this in order to establish the government of Plymouth Colony.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Mayflower Compact
House of Burgesses
27. Most Puritans lived in-
New England
Triangle Trade
Free Enterprise System
Octagonal Trade
29. Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, and House of Burgesses -
30. Pilgrim's leader-
William Bradford
John Winthrop
William Penn
31. Also known as farming.
32. The buying, selling, or trading of goods and services.
33. Economy based on Fur, Fish, and Timber.
New England
34. Economy based on cash crops
New England
New York
35. New England's environment created-
Small farms
Large Plantations
Diamond Mines
36. Quakers practice-
Snake holding
37. Who could vote in the Colonies?
White Men
Free Blacks
38. Which group left England to avoid religious persecution?
39. England (Great Britain) used the Colonies to get-
manufactured goods
Raw Materials
40. Why were most Colonies settled near the ocean or other waterways?
Fewer Natives
Fewer diseases
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