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A Timeline of my Life

"A Timeline of My life" is where I explain my life from the moment I was brought into this world to the my death.


on 5 July 2018

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Transcript of A Timeline of my Life

A Timeline of my Life
My Beginning
My name is Chioma Emilia Ahaghtou, I was born in Maryland on November 3rd, 2014. My parents who birthed me are, Linda and Innocent Ahaghotu. Both of my parents are born in Nigeria, Imo state, where they met and married each other. Then they moved to America, Maryland, for better opportunities. My parents have 5 children including me but I have a stepbrother from my dad side. I was born into the most beautiful and amazing culture... Nigeria. We're known for our tasty food, wonderful music, incredible dancing and more.
Part 2 of Introduction
I'm lucky to be alive, healthy and strong. My twin sister did have some sickness while growing up. So she's way stronger than me but I'm bless to have her alive. Everything that happen to me since the day I was born, is significant to me. Due to the fact it was a blessing from God and lesson learned. I wouldn't be who I am today without the memories I made and the people I met throughout my life.
Basic trust vs. mistrust
I was born in Maryland and lived in an apartment with my other siblings. I was a pretty good child but from times to times I can spoil from my favorite Aunt. She gave me this doll, that I will carry around the house and was a part of me. I attended Glen Dale Elementary school but I ended up settling in Gaywood elementary school. I was the tallest girl in my class, so I usually get called being the line leader. I believed I felt powerful since I had control of everyone in the line. I made some nice friends in Gaywood, which they loved to play activities and have fun. I meant my best friend, who I was so close to, her name is Joycelen. She was such a good listener since I love talking.
Identity vs. Confusion
During the summer before entering Thomas Johnson Middle school, I lost a lot of weight. I also got taller as well, so I was still the tallest girl in some of my classes. My teacher offered me to join the National Honor Society, since I maintained a 3.0 throughout middle school and for my well behavior.
"Enjoy yourself while it last"
I attended high school at a young age; it did have some positive and negative effects. While attending DuVal, I accomplishment a lot of things. For example, I finally made straight A's, president of Green Thoughts, made amazing friends and met some great teachers, especially Ms.Ahearn and Mr.Price.
I'm 17, finally out of high school and graduated. I got accepted to almost all the colleges I applied too but I decided to stay home and attend University of Maryland
- College Park. So far UMD is everything I imagined and I'm enjoying myself.
Intimacy vs. Isolation
Generativity vs. stagnation.
I finally graduated from UMD, majoring in Entrepreneurship and communication. I wanted to become someone important and not just an ordinary person. So I decided to move to California and persuade my career. I wanted to have my own talk show, write a book, model, and run my own business and change people lives.
I'm currently engaged to my other half, Uchenna, who I meant in New Jersey while I was in my teens. It was love at first sight, we clicked instantly. We lived in an apartment at first but with hard work, dedication, and God, we're living in a mansion now.
As being a successful business woman and having my own talk show. I was able to help people with troubles that they are going through and guide them to the right path. My husband got injured from football, his millions of dollar contract almost slipped out of his hands. I had to take time off of work, to help him, guide him, so he can be up in his feet before season start. Seeing him in these conditions sent me into depression, but with my mother wise words and God's help. I pushed myself twice as hard so I could to help with his injured and continue with my life. By working out with him, loving him, and being there for him, it made us closer than before. My three children were supportive and helped as much as they could..
Generativivs vs. stagnation
Generativity vs. stagnation
Hopefully being passionate with what I love help me succeed in the future, by doing what I love. Also marrying the love of my life, I hope to have a stable and happy relationship.
70-80 & 80-90
Integrity vs. Despair
My husband died in his late 70's, so I'm living in my son's house; taking care of his home and my grandchildren, while his and his wife are out at work. One day while I was watching my favorite TV show and eating my favorite dessert. I had a heart attack and died at aged 90.
I was able to live the life I wanted, helped all over the world, seeing my children healthy and happy.
I had retired with my husband and I continue to watch over my three children, who's becoming whatever God wants them to be. I'm able to spoil my grandchildren with love, prayers and gifts. My husband and I are traveling all over the places, like India, some countries in Asia, Hawaii and more.
Since my kids are in college and my husband is off with his career. I will write, shop and read during my free time. Trying to find topics to talk about during my next episodes of my talk show. I will travel other countries and try to exposure the tragic experiences that people are going through all over the world. And seek help as much as possible. So I decided to have my own Charity Center, so I can help with children all over who needs money, food, shelter, or a boost to keep them going in life.
I love traveling and seeing new people and discovering their culture.
Hello everyone, or should I say Goodbye everyone. I don't want my death to be a miserable day for any of you. I want everyone to rejoice and celebrate of having me all in your lives and how I impact you. So please clean your eyes and blow your knows because God lead me to wonderful years and I'm grateful for it. I'm most proud of my children and how I try my best to bring positivity the world. I didn't want the fame or the money, even though we all do. Don't get me wrong, but I wanted so much more, I want to make changes and differences in people lives. I wanted to help everyone as much as I could offer. My one biggest regret is at one point I was worrying about others and their needs, which I rarely worried about my needs. In close doors I wasn't the happiest person in the world, I wanted everyone to be happy no matter what they're going through. All I ever wanted while being alive was happiest, peace, love and praising for Lord. Please for me to continue being nice to one another and let's change the world one step at a time.
Rest of the Letter
Romans 12:17-19 (New)

"Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord."
We must forgive those who have wronged us, in order for us to receive forgiveness for our own wrong doings.

"And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. - Matthew 6:12"
I love you all.
Please remember that the pain you go through won't last forever and you will blossom at your own rate like flowers.
My mother and my aunt kept me in peace and loved.
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