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Modern Vs. Traditional Tragedy

Amanda Rizzo

Amanda Rizzo

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Modern Vs. Traditional Tragedy

External Pressure In A Shakespeare Tragedy The main character is always faced with some sort of external problem. External pressure can include manipulative characters, revenge, fate, or the super natural. Supernatural elements contribute to the characters fate and show the ancient social beliefs in evil problems. External pressure can also include an antagonist seeking revenge on the protagonist which contributes to the tragic events in the story line. Popular Shakespeare Tragedies Antony and Cleopatra
Julius Caesar
King Lear
Romeo and Juliet
Timon of Athens
Titus Amdronicus What Is A Tragedy? Most people know it as a disaster or misfortune but in literature it mainly refers to a somber theme that ends in a tragic or unfortunate ending. Tragedy contains catharsis which is when a writer evokes pity, fear, and other strong emotions in the audience. The Characters In A Shakespeare Tragedy This type of a tragedy contains a main character who is normally a part of royalty like a King, Queen, prince, or princess. Shakespeare applied external pressure to the main character which contributes to their downfall, and there is always a down fall. The bigger the character the harder they fall. In every Tragic play the protagonist has to die in order for it to be an authentic Shakespearian tragedy. Paradox Of Life In A Shakespeare Tragedy This is where Shakespeare describes the greatness of the main characters wealth and fortune then he creates the down fall to the character to contrast it with the current tragedy. In Shakespeare playwrights they describe the main character getting whatever they desire then there is a turn of events tearing them away from the greatness of the character. Shakespearean Tragedy This form of tragedy originated from the Greek word tragoidia which means "goat-song". This related to in some of the earliest competitions the play that won was awarded a goat and some performers costumes would be made of goat skins. As tragedy developed it started raising more and more questions about human existence and fate. Amanda Rizzo Tragedy Modern Tragedy Two elements of a tragedy that have not changed are the intensity and the contribution of many characters to the tragedy. If any of these aspects are missing then the tragedy becomes more of a comedy than a tragedy. Most people think that the opposite of a tragedy is a comedy but it actually would be cynicism or despair. A modern tragedy doesn't have to be portrayed to look real but is more like fiction, unlike a traditional tragedy which is made to seem like real life. The heroes of the story conveyed the cosmic forces that created their fate. At the start of a tragic play the main character has freedom to make his own decisions but closer to the climax they start to loose their freedom of choice. A tragedy doesn't have to be only focused on the hero it can be focused on many smaller characters as well. Main Differences One of the main differences between modern and traditional tragedy is mostly the language it is portrayed in. In Shakespeare tragedy is mainly written in poetry, and written in a way that people normally don't speak in. In modern tragedy the language used is just like every day speaking. Another difference is the form of the main character. In traditional tragedy the character is always a hero or a form of royalty but in modern tragedy the main character can be any common person. Modern Tragedy Main Characters The main characters involved in a modern tragedy are usually just a regular person like you and me. A tragic story usually involves more than one character who take part in the tragedy. The characteristics are mainly the same as a traditional tragedy where the character has a fatal flaw and external pressure. When Modern Tragedy Came To Be Modern tragedy first started to become popular in the 20th century after World War II. Tragedy started evolving from more tradition to modern by focusing more on self-discovery and less on tragic mystery and fate. Modern Tragedy Examples Titanic
Ladder 49
The Perfect Storm Aspects of a Modern Tragedy A modern tragedy focuses less on fate and supernatural forces. It focuses more on the environment the character creates and the choices that the main character makes. A modern tragedy also focuses on more of nonverbal expression and more on expression through subtext. A modern tragedy is now shown as more of a "fairy tale" than making it seem like it is real life. Bibliography http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/601884/tragedy



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