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My school choices!

Brittney Merritt

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of SCHOOLS

School Choices Louisiana State
University Statistics Cost Admission Process How far from
Home Sweet Home? Major 10% Blacks 23,977 Undergraduates Crime Information
http://sites01.lsu.edu/wp/lsupd/ $22,265
Tuition & Fee $10,218 Room and Board Option 1:
First year stay on campus, then following year have an apartment with Kristen Option 2:
Find a small cheap apartment of campus, 1bdr. $7,800-$9,000
A year *plus furniture if not finish! $40 fee *Need a math Credit Transcript 2.5 gpa 30 min. credits Deadline April 15 Transfer #225-578-1175 Baton Rouge,
Louisiana Urban 80 miles from
New Orleans Southwest only flies into New Orleans Driving:
16 hrs.
47 mins 1,100 miles Flying:
~$300 Athletic Training http://appl010.lsu.edu/stu%5CRecmndPath.nsf/Preview/3F64EC4ECD4ED98A862579CE005557B1?EditDocument http://uiswcmsweb.prod.lsu.edu/kinesiology/Undergraduate_Programs/BS_AthleticTraining/item48718.html OR Kinesiology http://appl010.lsu.edu/stu%5CRecmndPath.nsf/Preview/CF4C2C294C451376862579CD000FDCC9?EditDocument http://www.lsu.edu/ University of
North Carolina
at Charlotte Statistic Cost Admission Process How Far From
Home Sweet Home Major http://www.uncc.edu/ Suburban Charlotte,
North Carolina 8 miles north of Uptown Charlotte 21,179
Undergraduate 17% black Crime Information
http://police.uncc.edu/ Out of state:
Tuition & Fees In-State
Tuition & Fees $8,130
Room & Board *stay on campus the whole time $60 Fee 24 min. credit 2.0 Gpa Deadline:
March 15 Both college & HS transcript 2 hours from daddy Driving:
7hrs 54mins 501 miles Flying for Raleigh:
$300 or less *roundtrip Athletic Training http://health.uncc.edu/bachelor-science-athletic-training OR Exercise Science http://health.uncc.edu/bachelor-science-exercise-science Statistic Cost Admission Process How far from
Home Sweet Home Major West Virginia
University http://www.wvu.edu/ Morgantown,
West Virginia Suburban 70 miles from Pittsburgh 22,827
Undergraduates 4% Blacks Safety Information
http://police.wvu.edu/ $18,868
Tuition & Board Split Cost w/
Natalie for
Apartment $2,500-$5,000
a year *not including furniture $25 Fee 29 min
Credit 2.0 Gpa Transcript Deadline:
August 1st Driving:
2hrs 45mins Athletic Training http://cpass.wvu.edu/bachelors/athletic_training/prospective_athletic_training_student__pats__program OR Exercise Physiology http://medicine.hsc.wvu.edu/ep/Education Pictures L
U West Campus Apartments On Campus
Housing http://www.apartmentguide.com/apartments/Louisiana/Louisiana-State-University/ Off Campus Housing http://www.movingoffcampus.com/campus-apartments-near-louisianastateuniversity Links to Apartments L
U 1
Bdr. A
T On Campus Housing UNCC http://housing.uncc.edu/future-residents/our-buildings WVU Off Campus
Housing http://www.westrunapartments.com/ http://www.apartmentguide.com/apartments/West-Virginia/West-Virginia-University/ For More
Info: http://www.lsu.edu/prospective_students/ click resident life then click housing option Baton Rouge,
Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana LSU Morgantown,
West Virginia Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania W
U Charlotte,
North Carolina U
C Surrounding Areas
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