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Overwatch vs Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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Thomas Labow

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of Overwatch vs Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Intro to Overwatch
Gameplay Overview
Customer Reviews
*** "Ehhhhh - Wish I hadn't pre-ordered because I would have passed" - CG2009

* "The one word that comes to mind when describing this game... Abortion" - Chris
Intro to Black Ops 3
Welcome to Black Ops 3, the current "crowd favorite" of the shooter genre. I'll admit, I'm guilty of playing this game too. Most people who play this game are either understanding of this game's flaws and hope the franchise will get better (which is kind of a lot to ask right now), and there are the others who are quick on the draw to call any other game gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) and refuse to open their eyes to any other game that's not Call of Duty. In other words, you either hate it, or you go on a religious crusade to defend the little good this game has to offer if someone says one bad thing about it.


Black Ops

To start, Overwatch is a fairly recent game from Blizzard Entertainment, the minds behind World of Warcraft and Starcraft. As their first whack at a slowly dying shooter genre, things are starting to look bright for the industry as new and original games are beginning to overcome the behemoths of the shooter genres, commonly pumping out games that are beginning to become more and more stale with each new installment.
Overwatch is the most recent installment of the new shooter type, the hero shooter. Typically these games have a range of different "heroes" to play as, each having their own unique set of abilities and playstyles, allowing for highly strategic and competitive gameplay.
Overwatch has art that is just bursting with character, seeming to take inspiration from games such as Team Fortress 2 more than it's art style, but also it's somewhat class-based gameplay system, and it shows that this game is not afraid to break the script from recent cookie-cutter shooters that are growing the genre stale.
Gameplay Overview (cont.)
Being a hero shooter, the game comes with a multitude of 21 different characters to play as, and with rumors of possible DLC characters coming on the way as well.
Final Rating
Overwatch is a fantastic game with loads of character, addicting gameplay, and houses a deeply rich cinematic universe that demonstrates how awesome it would have been to see a single player mode in this game. (Oh, and just because Black Ops 3 does have a story mode doesn't mean it's a good one.) This is truly a game that plants it's feet into the ground and starts to change a now stale industry for the better. It's also more available to more people with a rated T rating, so all the people who have to miss out on these kinds of games have this as a better fix. (Oh, and Blizzard actually listened to their fans when they made the game. *cough* *infinite warfare* *cough*
While (dissapointingly) Overwatch may not have a story mode, it's real story takes place in the game's lore and the animated shorts found on PlayOverwatch on YouTube. They all demonstrate an amazing cinematic universe that shows what could have been in the game, but none of this drags the game down at all. In fact, I actually kind of like the animated shorts. The video shown here is a video about the two heroes, Hanzo and Genji.
Customer Reviews
***** "Maybe the first $60, online-only game that gets it right" - B. Cravens

***** "Easily the best shooter on PS4" - Redmond Jackson
Product Features
10th installment in the franchise
Futuristic cyber warfare setting
4 DLC packs coming out soon
Rated M for Mature
9 Specialists to play as
Unboxing supply drops
0.8% - 8% weapon drop rate
Zombies mode
Product Info
Rich lore and universe
Competitive online 6v6 gameplay
21 heroes to play as
Different heroes offer different playstlyes
Easy to learn, hard to master
Vibrant and colorful art styles
Quick, addictive matches
Made by Blizzard Entertainment
Rated T for teen
Loads of content to unlock
Some are quick to call this game gay for no reason
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