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Rip Van Winkle

No description

Nicole Harpster

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Rip Van Winkle

Setting: Catskill Mountains
example of the supernatural realm
Pg. 155 says the mountains are always changing
"every hour of the day, produces some change in the magical hues and shapes of these mountains.
"Also calls them "fairy mountains"
Dame Van Winkle
Symbol for the Queen
Represents Britain's continually nagging in the colonists ears to work harder, produce more, pay more taxes, earn more $ and prosperity for England.
Very dominant personality
Rip Van Winkle
Good man, friendly, popular among the townspeople
Always willing to lend a helping hand to neighbors
Isn't motivated to do work around his house
Considered to be a henpecked husband because of his wife's constant nagging.
Represents the Rustic, American Colonial man
Goes with dog, Wolf up into the Catskills
Hears a man calling his name
Man is wearing old dutch clothing & carrying a keg
Rip helps him carry the keg to an amphitheater
In the amphitheater there is more men. They are playing nine pins (bowling)
Watches them and drinks
Awakes the next day (or so he thinks)
finds his dog is gone
worries Dame Van Winkle will be mad
Back in town
George Washington's picture replaces the kings
townspeople look different
find out he has been sleeping for 20 years
finds daughter and lives with her
Rip learns the legend of Henry Hudson & his ghosts, who revisit the Hudson every 20 years.
Townspeople believe Rip has been away with the Hudson men
Rip has missed the Am. Revolution
Dame Van Winkle has died

Pg. 156 "The great error in Rip's composition.."
Example of Irving's use of inflated diction for comic effect
Rip is willing to work diligently & tirelessly on everything but his own responsibility
What do you think about his wife?
Can her nagging be justified?
Would you want a significant other like Rip?

In what ways is Rip the satirical opposite
of the Am. frontier hero?
He is passive & compliant rather than adventurous or hardworking.
He likes to enjoy life rather than assume responsibility.
The Big Idea!
Irving glorifies the rural setting
supernatural element=sleeping for 20 years
Woods=mystical, magical, full of supernatural
The Big Idea!
Countryside is always welcoming when we need to escape the harshness of our lives=Romantic Escapism
The woods gives Rip what he needs to be free of Dame Van Winkle
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