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The Gentlemen of The Jungle

No description

Ty Powell

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of The Gentlemen of The Jungle

The Gentlemen of the Jungle
The Gentlemen of The Jungle
Jamo Kenyatta
Point of view
- Third person
-Dramatic irony: storyline opposite to real life, animals take human's home

-Situational irony: animals tell man to build another hut, end up taking it
- We follow the man, but can not look into the mind of him or the animals of the jungle.
Looking into the minds of the characters is not needed

- Man vs nature
-Man vs society

-The man must protect himself from the elements of the jungle

-the animals in his society steal his protection from the storms

-Don't know much about the man

-Friendly in the start and changes over time due to certain circumstances

- Dark and dreary storm in jungle
- Sadistic

Setting and Atmosphere
-Sometimes one can only take so much exploitation before he or she reaches a breaking point and neccassary actions.
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