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Shelisa Rurimirije

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Criminal Justice System in America America is one of the ONLY countries in the world to have a death penalty for 13 year old kids. A KINDGDOM FOUNDED ON INJUSTICE NEVER LASTS. The Power of Identity. TED is an organization that is interpreted by inspirational people. These people say things that have a huge impact on the world. Their words touch the souls and minds of others.
Ex: When a teacher speaks their words can be meaningful but when a teacher speaks with compassion it gives extra meaning to the person whom they're speaking too.
We can create the right kind of identity when we say things to the world that people won't believe that makes sense.
America is having it's criminal law system taking a dive into the pool of a racial prejudice. Nowadays, more and more people are being sent into jail. In 1972, 300 000 people were in jail. America has the highest rate of incarceration in the WORLD. Therefore, we have up to 2.3 million people in jail, 7 million people on probation, parole these things are fundamentally changing our world as speak. Patterns are emerging and this needs to change. RACE INJUSTICE AND WEALTH In our day, people of color are losing hope. One out of thirty men of the age of 18-30 years old are in jail, are on probation or on parole. In most urban communities such as : Los Angels,Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC have 50-60% of young men of color that are in prison, probation or parole.
This may sound horrific to some but the system of Justice in America treats people much better if you're rich and guilty than if you're poor and innocent.
In Alabama, 34% of black men have lost the right to vote and it will increase in the next 10 years.
Ex : More likely in the Old South of America, 22% of people are most likely to get a death penalty if the defendant is black and the victim is white. As well so 11% of of people are most likely to get a death penalty if the defendant is white and the victim is white. Do people deserve to die for the crimes they've committed?


Do we deserve to kill? For every 1 out of 9 people have been executed the government has identified ONE innocent person who has been exonerated and released from form the DEATH ROW. OUR IDENTITY IS AT RISK...

Because it's as if it's not our problem...not our battle.. our struggle. We don't like to talk about our problems, our race our history because we are unwilling to commit to the process of truth and reconciliation. WEALTH NOT CULPABILITY SHAPES OUR OUT COME We love technology We love creativity We love innovation We love entertainment BUT... The reality of all these things are being shadowed by abuse, suffering and degradation. The MIND-HEART connection compels us to be attentive to not only be attentive all the bright and dazzle things BUT also the dark and difficult things. Our vision of Technology and design have to combine with the vision of humanity, compassion and justice. We as humans cannot fully be developed until we care about basic dignity that should be respected by law. EACH OF US IS MORE THAN THE WORST THING WE'VE EVER DONE. What we need is more hope and orientation of the spirit... So that others can witness the hopelessness places.

That's why need TED's help to engage to this kind of problems. WHAT COULD TED DO TO HELP? The government of California uses over 1 billion dollars on the death penalty for the next 5 years. HOWEVER... 46% of all homicides cases don't result on arrest and 56% of all rape cases don't result on arrest either. Sometime this year there will be a referendum in California to reduce some of the money spent on politics of punishment This referendum will give us the change as a community to finally make a difference and be involved in the country. This referendum will make sure we save money and that the money goes on law enforcement and safety.
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