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the joy luck club by amy tan

No description

Phoebe Brown

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of the joy luck club by amy tan

Four different women have emigrated to America from China. They play mah jong together and form the Joy Luck Club. This novel is written from eight different perspectives, four of which are the mother's, and four are the daughters. Through memories of their pasts, we learn about the lives of these eight women. And most importantly, we learn about their relations to their mothers. With Tan's magnificent writing, the culture of these families is revealed. A culture of high standards and lots of pressure. A culture with love for food and tradition. A culture where these daughters are consistently trying to understand their mothers, even if they've passed away.

The setting in this novel alternates between different parts of China and San Francisco. The present day sections, somewhere in the 1980s, of the story take place in San Francisco, except in the later part which is in Guangzhou, Shanghai, China. The flashbacks of the mothers' occur all over China: Wushi, Kweilin, Tai Lake, ect. These flashbacks range from 1920 to 1940. The settings in this novel truly affect the character's outlook. To the mothers, America is all wrong. To the daughters, the mothers are so foreign to them because of how un-American they are.
Amy Tan, like her characters, has felt the cold difference of a Chinese way of Life and the American way of life
As a child she grew up in Northern California
Her father and older brother died of brain tumors in 1966 so she moved with her mother and younger brother to Montreux, Switzerland
She moved back to the U.S. to attend several prestigious schools for a college and later university education
The Joy Luck Club
has won several awards and has been translated in 25 different languages. It was also made into a movie!
I loved
The Joy Luck Club
for these reasons:
From this novel I learned significantly more about Chinese culture. The mother daughter relationships clearly portrayed the inadequacy often felt by the children. I also saw how much of the culture is silencing yourself and how dangerous that can be.
The Mothers:

Suyuan Woo
An-mei Hsu
Lindo Jong
Ying-ying St. Clair
All mothers of The Joy Luck Club have traveled to America carrying their haunting pasts. Suyuan had to leave her daughters, An-mei's mother committed suicide,
Ying-ying aborted her son, and Lindo was in a horrific marriage, These women moved in hope to create better lives for their children,
the joy luck club, by amy tan
The Daughters:
Jing-mei (June) Woo
Waverly Jong
Rose Hsu Jordan
Lena St. Clair
These are the daughters of The Joy Luck Club. They too have their emotional turmoil. Jing-mei has just lost her mother and learns that it is now her job to inform her siblings her mother left about her. Waverly, a retired child chess prodigy, is always on a quest for her mother's approval, Rose lost her brother and now her marriage, and Lena is in a marriage based on numbers and not passion.
Amy Tan's writing is masterful. Her storytelling had fluidity and consistent poignancy. I truly believed her characters and I bonded with them
The stories themselves were remarkable. I had never read anything like them... they were brutally honest. These women's pasts broke my heart, made me double over laughing, and made me reflect deeply. I loved all the women and hated those who did them wrong.
It was the first book to really move me in a while. I just felt to wrapped in and enchanted by the world Tan made with her writing.
The Joy Luck Club
as a movie...
Presentation by Phoebe Brown
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