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Michael Olson

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Materials

Step One
Put on your swimsuit or put it in your swim bag to put on at the pool.
Step Three
Pull hands away from each other to enlarge cap opening.
Step Six
Put towels and snacks into swim bag.
How to Prepare for a Swim Meet

Swim bag
Swim cap (Preferably with team name on it.)
Snacks (Optional depending on length of meet.)
Towels (At least two, also depending on length of meet.)
Ponytail holder (Not needed for boys.)
Step Two
Put hair in ponytail/bun on top of head and put hands in swim cap in a cup shape. (Only girls need to do this step.)
Step Four
Pull hands out of cap and tuck stray hairs in.
Step Five
Put goggle eye peices on eyes and pull straps around back of head.
By:Alicia Fogarty
Step Seven
Put clothes on over swimsuit and put on shoes.
Step Eight
Get in the car and have Mom/Dad drive you to the pool.
Example of snack
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