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Jordan Reid

No description

lib hist

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Jordan Reid


The remarkable bravery and constant devotion to his duties displayed by Pfc.Womack reflects the utmost contrast upon himself and upholds the admired beliefs of the U.S. Army
Unfortunately while giving aid to his comrades Womack was seriously injured due to a lethal hail of enemy fire. Yet he Refused medical aid for himself, knowing that he could be injured again he continued moving among his comrades to administer aid.
Bryant H. Womack
Jordan Reid
Private first class (Pfc.) sacrificed himself to save his fellow soldiers. In this he was awarded the medal of honor March 12, 1952
A sudden contact with an even larger enemy produced numerous casualties. Even so, Pfc. Womack to no hesitation to came to his comrades aid.
Pfc. Womack lost him arm from enemy mortar fire. Still, he refused and insisted all efforts be made to the benefit of the other injured soldiers. Womack could not perform the task himself,yet he remained on the scene and directed others in first aid techniques. Unfortunately Womack collapsed from loss of blood, and died a few minutes later in the hands of his comrades.
Medal of honor
The Medal of Honor is the USA's highest military honor, given to men who distinguish themselves "conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity"
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