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30 Things About Me

No description

Jack Devlin

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of 30 Things About Me

30 Things about me 1. My Name is Jack Devlin 2. MY favorite movies are the express, remember the titans, and grown ups 3. my favorite sports are baseball and football 4. my favorite foods is waffles and oreos 5. My favorite vacation spot is ocean city, nj 6. My favorite baseball team is the philadelphia phillies 7. my favorite car is a chevy camaro 8. My Favorite artist or musician is eminem 9. my favortie actor is adam sandler and will smith 10. my favorite prayer is the hail mary 11. my favorite actress is cameron diaz 12. my favorite football team is the philadelphia eagles 13. my favorite colleges is PEnn st. and north carolina 14. my favorite songs is i dotn wanna care right now and 6ft 7ft 15. my favorite Cartoon character is snoopy 16. My Favorite Holidays is NEw Years and Thanksgiving 17. my favorite color is blue 18. my favorite hockey team is the Philadelphia flyers 19. my birthday is december 15, 1997 20. My nationalitys are American, Irish, Italian, and hungarian 21. My favorite drink is root beer and tea cooler 22. my favorite book is I Beat the odds 23. my favorite athletes are jimmy rollins, steve carlton and michael oher 24. My favorite soccer team is the philadelphia union 25. my favorite basketball team are the Philadelphia 76ers 26. my favrotie candys are sour patch kids and swedish fish 27. my favorite cities are philadelphia, san diego, and boston philadelphia san diego boston 28. my favorite sports games to go to go to are baseball and hockey games 29. my other favorite artist is notorious b.i.g. also known as biggie smalls 30. i am related to delaware star quarterback pat devlin who is currently in the nfl draft
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