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Point-Biserial Correlation Coefficient

No description

Arlen Halstead

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Point-Biserial Correlation Coefficient

Point-biserial correlation coefficient This type of correlation is looking at two different types of data. Dichotomous Variable "Normal" Types of Data Naturally Dichotomous Artifically Dichotomous All this means is that the data is not numerical like "yes" or "No", "Male" or "Female", "Sith" or "Jedi" So for instance all Males in my sample will be given a 1 and Females will be given a 2 in my "study". This is data that we are all used to seeing in the forms of Ratio, Interval, Ordinal etc. Think Nominal Ordinal Ratio or Interval? For my next part of the study, I.Q. will be used. When Dichotomous data and "Regular" data fall in love they produce Point-biserial correlation coefficient. Dichotomous Data Interval Data Male=1 / Female=2 I.Q.= Well it equals I.Q. X=1 X=2 100
98 107
100 Gender: I.Q.: So after the Sorcery Called Stats we have produced three important calculations: r pb t df = = = +0.17 +0.59 12 Weak Correlation Critical Value of t is 2.18 Null hypothesis Excepted (Based on t-distributions table) * N=14:
n1=7 Males / n2=7 Females Hypothesis: Males will perform better then Females on standardized I.Q. tests. Results: We found no significant difference between the I.Q. scores of Females compared to Males (t=0.59,p>0.05,df=12). ~FIN~
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