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Oregon High School Solar Car Team- Sponsor Us!

Learn about our Team and how you can help us out!

Alyssa 17

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Oregon High School Solar Car Team- Sponsor Us!

Sponsor Us! Oregon High School Solar Car Team The Past We, the Oregon High School Solar Car Team, had the amazing opportunity to build a solar car and race it in the Solar Challenge, at Texas in the summer of 2012. Our car, Heliocentric, is made from Honeycomb core material, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Once the body of our car was built, we began work on the insides. The frame is made out of carbon fiber. The car has 42 solar modules that we put together ourselves with the help of OSU. After making the Modules, we wired them to our car's electrical system and attached the modules to our car's body. Texas! Racing at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas Texas. The Present Currently, we are fixing our car from last year. We are hoping to improve the steering and brakes. We are also working on designing and creating a new car. We Need Your Help! In order to make our new car, we need a lot of supplies, funds, and advice! We'd love to talk to you about our car and listen to any input you have! The Future We plan to have our new car finished around September, but to do this we need a lot of help. We'll also be working on the car we used last year. By the end of the year we will have two different cars that we can use for the Solar Challenge. Thanks to all our current sponsors! You've made all this possible! Without you, we wouldn't have had the chance to race last year, and we wouldn't be able to race this year. Thanks so much! Oregon High School Solar Car Team Come visit us and see what we do!
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