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An Introduction to the Social Sciences

No description

Nalini Graham

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of An Introduction to the Social Sciences

What Social Scientists Examine
study human behaviour, how we're similar, different and how we function as individuals & groups
the 3 disciplines are: Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology
Human behaviour consists of... (make a list in your notes of what human behaviour consists of. Example: what we say, behaviours we do, the influence of values on our behaviour...). Try to come up with a list of 10 with the person sitting next to you
examines the development of human species & human cultures
According to Bain et al (2002) human culture comprised of the way a group of people live including traditions, inventions and social conventions
Anthropologists try to live with groups to gain a deeper understanding of all of these facets
Please watch the clip below and take notes on the clip. Note what they study, the different types of Anthropology, the ways "human nature is infinitely variable", & why they study these variables
this is the study of people's feelings, thoughts & personality development (Bain et al, 2002).
aims to figure out the deeper causes of our behaviour
past experiences often influence this
In your notes, think of an example of something that's happened in your past that has influenced your behaviour today? Example, I fell off a horse 5 years ago and have a fear of horses and riding today
investigates how society is structured and how that structure functions
focuses on how people interact and influence others as well as the factors that influence them
focuses on groups not the individual
informs its study through the use of statistical analysis.
Watch the clip in the next frame and think about how it relates to the study of sociology.
Perspective is important
Can you do the following...
Assessment of learning

Please answer the following in your notebook:

1. Define the 3 disciplines of the Social Sciences?
2. Provide an example using your life as an example to illustrate a social situation that an anthropologist, a sociologist and a psychologist would have studied.

An Introduction to the Social Sciences
what agents of socialization are evident from this clip?
What seem to be the "norms" of this group?
based on the interaction of the girls, what power dynamics are evident and how do you know this?
Perspective continued...
Answer the following in your notes:
1. Can we base our knowledge of the world around us on our personal experiences? Why or why not?

2. Why is it important to examine human behaviour from multiple perspectives and not just one?
Key terms
Please define the key terms your notes by looking them up and providing examples of human behaviour as they relate to each term:
social science
cognitive consistency
cognitive dissonance
social change
Social Paradigm shift
1. What would motivate someone to kill another person to such an extent?
2. Identify at least 3 root causes of their behaviour.
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