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"Women" By: Alice Walker

No description

Jordan Blake

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of "Women" By: Alice Walker

" Women"
By: Alice Walker Presentation by: Jordan Blake
Latajiha Moore
4th Period The Speaker: The Speaker in this poem is the author, the way you know is she uses the word "my" which is referring to first person P.O.V. making the speaker, the author. The Tone: The tone of this poem is confident, proud, firm because she is almost boasting about WOMEN and the advancements of female rights and things women are aloud to do more over time. The Mood: The mood of this poem is happy and serious, it shows happiness in the fact it is glad/proud of the advancements of female rights and privileges over time and it is serious in the sense that the advancements have changed things and it is helpful and enlightening The Main Idea: The main idea of this poem is to show and explain some of the major things that have been done and changed in women's favor over time. For example... it says how women have also been in as much danger like men in the armies. Historical Content and Relativity: Historical content includes the representation of America's first use of women (openly and allowing) in war near a combat zone: WW1; the representation of mined fields and booby-trapped ditches refers to the use of mines in WW1 and trench warfare. Women were sometimes allowed in trenches and mines were often used in-between trenches as a trap for any forward advancing troops of the enemies force. The whole poem shows the advancements of women from housewives and being viewed as virtually NOTHING to them becoming something more than that. The Speaker's Audience is: This poem speaks to the younger generation of women. Situation and time (era): The situation of the poem is probably 1910's and up in occupied WW1 and WW2 areas (occupied meaning hostile territories, or under enemy control). The era in time being 1910's to the 1945, but the poem can also relate to current time situations ESPECIALLY the recent congressional allowance of women to go into combat zones and FIGHT. ALLUSIONS: The poem is in itself an allusion. Diction: The authors choice of words are military terms and words relating to the military and military actions or comparisons.

(12-13: Led Armies
14: "Headragged generals"
15: "Across mined"
17-18: "Booby-trapped Ditches") Images: - "Ironed Starched Shirts" Line 9-11
- "led Armies" Line 12 & 13
- "Headragged generals" Line 14
- "mined Fields" Line 15 & 16
- "Booby-trapped Ditches" Line 17 & 18 Sound Repetition: Alliteration: "were women" Line 1
"my mama's" Line 2
"stout of step" Line 3-4
"down doors" Line 7-8 Was it SUCCESSFUL? If you're referring to money success, I feel it did, but if this is referring to getting the point across then I feel it did that very successfully, it portrays advancements that society 50 years ago would be astonished and shocked at, and it emphasizes the over all point that women have come a long way from when they were JUST school teachers and house wives to now leading armies.
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