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The Brookdale Mentors App

No description

Tyaira Wilder

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of The Brookdale Mentors App

Platform & Costs
This App will run on the Android operating system. and will only cost the students $2.99.

This app is optional and is not a key part in solving the problem . However, if the students chooses to buy it, without a doubt , their experience with this program will be enriched.
The Brookdale Mentors App
The Beginning of
a Journey
Hello everyone. If your reading this , then you are well aware of our mentor- less students at Brookdale.

One of our solutions was to create a website to further connect each mentor with their student.
Getting Started
You will go to the Google Play store. Type "Brookdale Mentors" into the search bar.

After downloading and installing the app, The User will open the app by clicking on the icon.
By: Tyaira Wilder
When you first start the app the user will be prompted to enter their login information. This will be the same as your Brookdale login information.

You will then choose if you are a student or mentor. For this example we will choose student.

The Home Screen
When the student clicks on the icon, the screen will appear.

There are four choices for the student to pick from
At the bottom, the customization dock, has appeared. It can be activated by making an up motion at the bottom of the screen. The user can dock recent chat bubbles,files,and any other of four buttons displayed here.
Let's Click the Profile Button....
After clicking the profile icon, the student will be presented with a mock version of their shared profile page.
Here they can check recent messages from
their mentor,home assignments , recently gradded assignments, and personal messages from their mentor.
The next icon takes us to the Critique Gallery.

Here students can view other students' galleries. they can leave commments or constructive criticism .
Out next feature is quite unique. The library is a place where students can gain easy access to all previously recorded materials and files provided by their mentor.
They can easily organize their files by creating their own "Shelf". Which can be labeled accordingly.
Files with trianlges are videos, Files with squares are text.
Live Chat
The live chat is a place where all students and mentors can communicate easily.

This feature helps keep students and mentors personal numbers private.
Clicking on the any element on the profile will send the user to a screen like this.
As you know, the Gallery is a place where the student can put content up for their portfolio. These portfolios will be shared with possible employers.

This feature helps keep personal opinions away from future employers eyes.
Clicking a file
will take you to a screen like so.

In this example , we have clicked a text file.
You can be in a chat with up to 5 people.
Blank Cell Phone Image-

Book Image-

This concludes
our presentation.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our app!
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