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Analysis of Atticus Finch

No description

Caleb Curfman

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Atticus Finch

Conclusion Atticus is a level-headed character Atticus is kind and selfless to others
He is honest when asked a question
He looks for the optimist in everyone
always in search for the positive in a situation
It would be a crime to hurt or punish Atticus Like a Mockingbird... Method of Parenting Treats his kids as adults by giving them respect
He is optimistic about his parenting
Never lectures his kids unless about an important topic
He is able to have fun with his kids and yet maintain a serious and organized relationship with them
When it comes to the ways of evil and inappropriate behaviors, Atticus makes sure his kids know right from wrong Honest Heart Atticus avoids cheating people and is always careful of his actions
Seeks evidence before blaming or accusing someone
Always looking for the better, more honest and appropriate way out of a situation
Never out of line or using harsh tones when speaking to someone So what??.. By Caleb Curfman Analysis of Atticus Finch Throughout the book Atticus keeps a mature attitude and control of his temper.
He never has to rethink his position in a current situation and is capable of understanding how to maintain a relative discussion.
He knows when enough is enough, and knows when he should continue with his conversation. Atticus is a unique character
Constantly complimenting, helping, or just smiling at others around him
Deserves to be treated with great respect
Brings joy to people
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