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Interiors Collegial Group: Worktech 09 Highlights


Christine Vandover

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Interiors Collegial Group: Worktech 09 Highlights

Work in a Synchronous Society Phillip Ross, CEO Cordless Time and Life Building, NYC
May 20, 2009

Neil Salton
Director, Ideation Group, Haworth WORKTECH 09 who is your reverse mentor? Adam Vandover Australian Case Study: Mcquarie Group Shelly St Clive Wilkinson
Anthony Henry financial company
3,000 people
300,000 sf

Not just about design, a business issue unique differentiation encourages travel micro-blogging virtual Anna Far East Asia Case Study - Accenture Japan Daniel Johnson, Global Director, CRE Workplace, Accenture 2008: 50% Gen Y, 50% Gen X
2011: 75% Gen Y

why? remote working tracked 52% reduced commute
79% no negative affects on accessibility or effectiveness
96% increased satisfaction post move
minimal productivity increase NO TAPPING PEOPLE ON THE BACK Making Virtual Teams Great Karen Loveski, PHD 75% of US workforce mobile and virtual by 2010 Co-Working and Mobile Collaboration Dr Anthony Townsend, Institute of the Future
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