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The Red Umbrella

No description

emily gant

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of The Red Umbrella

Conflicts and Resolution
The Revolution
The main characters from The Red Umbrella are Lucia, Frankie, Manuel Mrs.Baxter, Papa, Mama, Eddie, Jennifer and Ivette. Ivette is Lucia's best friend in Cuba. Eddie is a guy that Lucia has a crush on in the USA. Jennifer is Lucia's best friend is the USA. Frankie is Lucia's little little brother and Manuel is the boy Lucia has a crush on in Cuba. Mrs.Baxter is Lucia and Frankie's "mom" in the USA. Papa and mama are Lucia's parents in Cuba that stayed behind.
The theme of this book is that whenever times are rough do not lose hope and faith.Also I believe it sends a message that you shouldn't take your family for granted. When the main character had to leave her mom and dad for the well being of her brother.So I think this story gives a lot of messages do to the fact people do have to go through this sometimes in ther life.
The Red Umbrella
The setting takes place in Cuba .The main character lives in a little house with her family.Lucia and her little brother like to go to the beach on there spare time to catch fish.Later on in the book they go to the United States of America.They go to Montana to Mrs.Baxters house so they could live there for a while.At the end of the book they stay there.
The Cuban revolution was lead by Fidel Castro with help of his brother Raul Castro and others.They had a huge army come to Cuba unexpectedly.There goal by doing all of this was to take over all of Cuba .The revolution started in July,26,1953 and ended in January,1 , 1959.
The `Alvarez family are living in Cuba, while the Cuban revolution is happening. Lucia is a young girl and she has a little brother whose name is Frankie. Her family doesn't want to get involved with the Cuban revolution, because of that close friends are trying to get them involved in the revolution. Lucia and Frankie are not allowed to go outside alone because soldiers are surrounding the island of Cuba.
The plot of this book is that they have to find a way to escape the Cuban Revolution because they don't want to get involved with the horrible things that are going on. Later on Lucia and Frankie go to the USA so they could be safe.For a while they stay there alone untill they get reunited with there parents at last
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