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Analysis and Decision on Layout of Business

No description

on 18 March 2017

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Transcript of Analysis and Decision on Layout of Business

Analysis and Decision on Layout of Business
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Located at Wangsa Maju


Have standard layout
Same business nature

Before and After
Products without price tag
Not placed under its types of product
The load distance
Flow of Information and Material
Customer Interaction
Founder Mr Lee Thiam Wah
Idea from traditional ‘mom and pop’ sundry mart called Pasar Raya Hiap Hoe in Tepi Sungai, Klang.
99 Speedmart first open new store in Batu Belah, Klang.
Over 800 branches in Malaysia.
Layout of 99 Speedmart is considerable acceptable.
Learn the good sides.
How ?
Visit 99 Speedmart.
Conduct some inspections
- Determine utilization of space for equipment and people
- Ensure the smoothness of flow or material and information
- Ensure working conditions are safe
Methodologies: taking photo and examination

Presented by:
Desmond Chow Weng Kit
Kelvin Wong Kah Weng
Kenneth Poon Ken Nam
Lim Wei Keong
Wee Qing Shien

99 Speedmart Layout
Utilization of Space for Equipment and People
Gondola shelving
7 rows of shelving
7 levels each

Findings (cont’)

Place closely
Tall enough shelve space

Place loosely
Not arranged by height

Capacity- 150 people

Tall ceilings
Minimize usage of floor space
Place other equipments

Opinions (cont’s)

Uneven placement of products by height

Unutilized shelving space

Recommendations (Utilisation of space)
Products are placed according to height
- Add additional level

Space productivity concept
- Identify fast and slow moving products
- More space for fast moving products
- Less space for slow moving products
- Saved up space in storeroom

Placing shorter shelves
- Increase capacity
- Improved flexibility

New Business Layout
‘welcome’ and ‘thank you’ signboards placed above the entrance
No aisle signage
Proper signage that provides information
Exit signboard in the store room
Greeting signboards are big enough
Font size is big enough and the font colour is considered striking
Aisle signage to be placed in every aisle
Effective signage strategy generates a positive and rewarding customer experience and promotes sales
Rely less on staff
Recommendations (signage)
Greetings signboard as standee
Proper aisle signage at eye level
Proper signage for labels at eye level
Font must be big and easy to read
Colour must be eye catching and readable
Information is short, simple and understandable

Product placed on the rack without price tag
-Not able to obtain information easily.
-Customer would have to reconfirm the price.
-Lead to inefficiency to the flow of information.
Judging from the space of the aisles
-The load distance was too long.
-Require more time & effort transfer stocks.
-People get hurt during the transferring process.
-Cause to inefficiency in the flow of material.

Recommendations (flow of material)
Double checking with the product pricing
-Do the checking once they updated (manually)
-Placed according to its categories.
-Helps customers locate similar products easily
Install price check scanners
-People like to compare the prices
-More convenient to customers
-Get to improve in the flow of information

Safer Working Conditions
Emergency door for its workers
Emergency door (KELUAR) is blocked by stocks and boxes
Findings (con't)
Some aisles are blocked with boxes and stocks which were left by the staffs
Findings (con't)
A fire extinguisher are hidden and covered with a plastic bag placed behind the cashier counter.
Findings (con't)
A monitor display for its Closed - Circuit Television (CCTV) is set in front of the cashier and main entrance.
Blocked exit location can bring hazardous effects
They have to move stocks and it will delay evacuation time for escape during an emergency situation
Boxes placed along the aisles can bring injuries to customers
The hidden fire extinguisher may cause a hard time for customers to find
The monitor display of the CCTV was placed at an exposed position to public.
The act of crime by thieves will not be recorded by the CCTV
(safer working condition)
Ensure that the emergency exit is always free and clear
Stocks put highest level of the shelves or in the storeroom to prevent any injuries
The number of fire extinguisher should increase from 1 to 3 and place it at different locations
Place the display monitor of CCTV behind the cashier counter
Increase the number of CCTV and convex security mirrors
Two counters
Long queue
200cm width of entrance
Small human congestion
Should not place counter face to face near the entrance
- long queue during peak hour, create a blockage
- customer have to struggle in order to enter
- disrupt interaction between cashier and customer
Entrance is narrow
- queuing in two lines causes bottleneck
- slowest aspect causes other aspect to slow down due to work overload
- delay and inefficiency, cause a long queue.

Recommendations (customer interaction)
Rearrange the counter side by side on the left
- convenient to the customer and improving efficiency
- lining up in one line will not block the walkway at the entrance
- customer don have to squeeze in the entrance

Recommendation (con't)
Expand the width of the entrance
- from 200cm to 300cm
- to enhance the flow of traffic
- improve customer interaction as staff is easier to spot customer
- easily to notice customer and greet them

Not many decorations and lack in colours
Shop is rather clean and dustbin is provided
Six ceiling air conditioners installed
There is proper ventilation and no bad odour
12 lights per aisle

Aisles are estimated to be 122 centimeters in width(but the walkways are blocked by stocks)
Shelves and racks are old and rusty
Layout arrangement of their furniture and equipment creates long aisles where 2 long shelves


Signage around the shop is clear and able to provide information
No aisle signage

Lack of variations in colours
Less attractive or difficult to attract customers
Store is clean and dustbin is provided means they concerned about hygiene factor
Temperature is just right for customers
Air quality in the speedmart is good and doesn’t smell
Lightings in the speedmart are sufficient

Opinions (Cont.)
Aisles are considered reasonable in width wise
Racks are getting old and rusty-face problems if it were to break or wear out in the future
Long shelves placement- does not enable customers to switch between aisles easily
Signage is considered sufficient - aisle signage should be installed

Recommendations (servicescape)
Install two ventilation fans
Use energy saving compact fluorescent lightbulb
Shorter shelves in length
Directly delivered the stocks through back entrance.
-Ease the workload to move the new stocks.
Set up our business on flat land.
-Do not have any ramps
-Allow stocks to flow smoothly
-Staffs can transfer the new stocks easily
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