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Prophet Muhammad's Life and Teachings

For my AP World History class and is about the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Hamzah Jandali

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Prophet Muhammad's Life and Teachings

Prophet Muhammad's
Life and Call to Islam Birth:
Prophet Muhammad
was born in Mecca in
570(The same period
his father died and
the year of the
Elephant). Around the time Muhammad became 6, he and his mother,
Amina traveled to Yathrib to visit his fathers grave. On their way back to Mecca, Amina suddenly fell ill and passed away leaving the Prophet orphaned. Muhammad was then taken into the care of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib for two years. Muhammad was then taken in by his uncle, Abu Talib, at the age of eight and was given a job as a shepherd and accompanied his uncle on business trips to Syria.This is where a Christian priest named Baheera, realized that Muhammad was the next Prophet of Allah. When Muhammad became twenty-five, he took a role as a merchant and was known through the land he traded due to his honest personality and gentle heart. He was appointed with the titles of As-Sadiq(The Truthful) and Al-Ameen(The Trustworthy). Khadijah was a twice widowed woman with fortune of her own and needed someone to lead her trade. Muhammad was hired and did business honestly as he usually does. Khadijah sent a servant to watch how he worked and the servant noticed how Muhammad dealt with trade so she sent him earlier than the rest to go ahead to Khadijah and tell her the news about their profits. When Muhammad told Khadijah about their trip, she felt the embers of love sparking in her heart. When she told her sister this, she arranged a marriage between Muhammad and Khadijah.
Muhammad was only twenty-five years old and Khadijah was forty. They had a prosperous life together and shared six children(two boys and four girls) in which both their sons died in infancy. Idolatry was the largest form of worship in Arabia at the time of the prophet, and Muhammad did not enjoy the presence of this religion. He often retreated into the Cave of Hira to meditate when one day a powerful force pushed him to read from the verses of Allah. Then the force revealed himself to be the Angel Jibra'il and that Muhammad was the Prophet of Allah. Muhammad quickly retreated into the embrace of his wife of fear of his recent experience. The first revelation had come. Muhammad waited a few years and grew a small foundation of family and friends before making the founding of his new religion public. When he finally revealed his message to the people of Mecca, they shunned and cursed him for his "ignorance" and "treason" towards their "gods" The idol-worshippers would gather around and harm any Muslims they saw and abused them terribly. Later on, Prophet Muhammad realized their was going to be an attempted assassination on him so he and his closest friend, Abu Bakr fled Mecca and traveled to Yathrib. This year was also known as the Year of Sorrow due to the fact that Muhammad lost his beloved wife and uncle. While in Yathrib, Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr were approached by cheering crowds for they had heard of the new messenger of Allah and were excited to hear about Islam. Yathrib's name was later changed to Medina and was the first Muslim community. After six years in Medina, Prophet Muhammad decided to retake Mecca and three major battles happened before their goals were achieved. They were the: The Battle of Badr

This battle took place south of Medina and was a Muslim victory under the command of the Prophet Muhammad. The Battle of Uhud

This battle was nearing Mecca and was lost by the Muslims due to acts of disobedience. It took place under the Mountain of Uhud. The Battle of the Trench

This battle took place in the perimeter of Medina. The battle was won by the Muslims due to the ingenious tactics of Salman Al Farsi
and the digging of a trench to prevent the enemy Jews from invading their city. The loss at Uhud was a minor setback for the Muslims but after they regrouped they entered Medina with a massive army and told the people that they would not be harmed unless provoked. The army then proceeded to demolish the hundreds of idols surrounding the Ka'abah. Mecca was returned to the rightful atlast. After the reconquering of Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad returned to Medina where he later passed away on his wife, Aisha's lap. This was the end of the Messenger but not of Islam and his teachings. The End By:
Hamzah Jandali
Rony Rashed Kashem
Tariq Safick The End By Hamzah Jandali
Rony Rashed Kashem
Tariq Safick
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