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Brent Regier

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of UAVs

Unmaned Aerial Vehicles
UAVs UAVs have been around since the 1950s
they carried mainly casrmeras and sencors
In the 1960s the defence department invested
inUAVs with 11 models but only three were ever put in production. By the 1990s the DOD had made three classes of UAVs they were:
Close range wich could fly 50 kilometters
Shot range wich could fly 200 kilometters
Enderence wich fly any thing beyond 200 kilometters In those three main categoris there are 5 smaller catigoys:
Tactical UAVs
Jiont Tactical UAVs
Medium Altitude Enderence UAVs
High Altitude Enderence UAVs
Micro Unmaned Aerial Vehcils (MAV Tactical UAVs
They are desinged the support Camaders with near-real-time imagery, they have a range of about 200 kilometters Jiont Tactical UAVs
These UAVs do about the same as tactical UAVs but they are used by foot soilders and can fly up to 100 kilometters father Medium Altitude Enderance UAVs
These provide intelligeences to the U.S. Air Force and Theater Cammanders Form a range of up to 500 nautical miles High Altitude Enderence UAVs
These are meanly use for missions that will last for days
were they need servalance for may day and sometime for a few years Micro Unmaned Aerial Vehicales
These UAVs are small used for servalance and are all the UAVs that are 6 inches or smaller UAVs have many uses in all sort of feild here are a few Agricultural industry
Here they are used to spray pestisides and chemicals to large fields and land areas. Crop Monitoring
Now only 10% of corps are monitored by aircarft but only a slim part is UAVs but they garthering steam and monerting large areas of crops Weather Research
Mainly done by weather bollons can tell people the the weather paterns and predict fuature weather patterns Coastal Watch
UAVs here are use to look for desruption of coastal reagions Telecommunication
Here they are used as relay platforms for people in war and desaster zones Unexpled artillery detection
These UAVs deteced unexploed shells and destory them Groun traffic control
UAVs here monator the flow of traffice in major town and highways Now I will talk about spacifice UAVs Arcturus T-16
Wingsapn: 17"
Payload: 35 lbs
Flight Time: 16 hours
Motor: 10 horse 4 strock motor Dark Star
Wing Span: 69 ft
Fight time: 8 hours
Payload: 1000 lbs
Eagle Eye
Wing Span: 5 ft
Payload: 200 lbs
Flight Time: 8 hours Exdrone
Wing Span: 8 ft 2 in
Payload: 25 lbs
Flight Time: 2.5 hours FireBee
Wing Span:12ft 10 in
Payload: 470 lbs
Flight Time:125 hours Global Hawk
Wing Span: 69 ft
Payload: 1960 lbs
Flight Time: 42 hours Gnat 750
Wing Span: 35 ft
Payload: 140 lbs
Flight Time: 48 hours Hunter
Wingspan: 29 ft
Payload: 200 lbs
Flight Time: 12 hours Outrider
Wingspan: 12 ft
Payload: 160 lbs
Fight Time: 4 hours Pioneer
Wingspan: 16 ft
Payload: 75 lbs
Fight Time: 5.5 hours The End
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