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On Filmmaking and Style

Twelve filmmakers from different eras and parts of the world share their insight on filmmaking and style.

Edwin Nieves

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of On Filmmaking and Style

...both go together, they can't be separated.
- Jean-Luc Godard
Make sure you do use them.
- Maya Deren
...make him feel them...while leaving him
a great freedom, while making him free.
- Robert Bresson
...introducing something which is
the invention of the filmmaker.
- Orson Welles
...it either wouldn't exist at all, or it wouldn't exist in anything like this form.
- Steven Soderbergh
Through style, he gets others
to see the material
through his eyes.
- Carl Theodor Dreyer
...both the viewers and my own.
- Nina Menkes
...and the emotion which is awoken is what provokes thought.
- Andrei Tarkovsky
There is no recipe. The recipe is you.
- Béla Tarr
...a real universe into which enters an element of spectacle.
- Jean-Pierre Melville
It's not what we say
but how we say it
that matters.
- Federico Fellini
...All that stuff is
more sensuous,
more tactile.
- Joachim Trier
when they manage poetry by reducing the element of reality and...
I think the enemy of film is of course reality, and films are best
like the outside and the inside of the human body...
To me style is just the outside of content, and content the inside of style,
your mobile body, your imaginative mind, and your freedom to use both.
The most important part of your equipment is yourself:
...the most personal thing you do as a filmmaker is where you put your camera, how you perceive things, how you see them...
The way you tell it, the way that you pace a story, the way that you choose to represent it through very particular scenes...
On Filmmaking and Style
The soul is shown through the style, which is the artist's way of giving expression to his perception of the material.
The style is important in attaching inspiration to artistic form. Through the style, the artist molds the many details that make it whole.
For me, cinema is sorcery,
a creative way to interact with the world in order to rearrange perception and expand consciousness...
Cinema is a specificity of vision. It's an approach in which everything matters...
It means that if this filmmaker didn't do it...
Art is all about craftsmanship. Others can interpret craftsmanship as style if they wish.
Style is what unites memory or recollection, ideology, sentiment, nostalgia, presentiment, to the way we express all that.
Be yourself. Find your style, your way; find the border and cross it, or else you may be lost or, even worse, boring.
Don't forget what you really want to say.
It is necessary to recreate a world that conforms to one's interior image and to make a system of it.
My personal universe is...
In cinema it is necessary not to explain,
but to act upon the viewer's feelings...
You must leave the spectator free. And at the same time you must make yourself loved by him. You must make him love the way in which you render things.
That is to say: show him things in the order and the way that you love to see them and to feel them...
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