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Ten things i enjoyed doing over the summer by James Arehart

A school project due 8/28/14

James Arehart

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Ten things i enjoyed doing over the summer by James Arehart

Sea world
Visited parents
Now we come to the subject of sleep which i did not get much of in fact i averaged about 6-7 hours a day. Which i am okay with i dont get that tired at night which was the main problem and id have better luck sleeping in the day and waking up at night. Most people would say that i should get back to school hours but its been a few years since i actually slept for over 10 hours so 6-7 hours for me is normal and i am a little tired when i wake up but its fine i can still function unlike other people.
About a week before my birthday we went down to sea world were we bought year passes which were pretty cheap and we went on a river raft ride which we got drenched every time we rode it. I rode it about 4 times and my sister and parents rode about once and then went to dry off and collect our stuff from the locker. While we were there at the end of the day we went to go get some candy at there store and we got about 10lbs all together between the four of us.
I went to the beach on my birthday, we went down to a beach which i forgot the name to but it had this rock/clay type hills which had tunnels to a secret out-cove with its little beach and we spent the whole day there playing in the water.
Some people go traveling and tasting all kinds of new foods but i rather sticking to the normal stuff i know i like. I dont eat to much but the stuff i do like i eat allot of such as orange chicken, tacos, burgers, and other such things.
10 Things i enjoyed over summer.
I played a few games over the summer mainly Minecraft and unturned. On Minecraft i play on a "Prison server" were you haft to earn money to rank-up through a-d then a bunch of random names for ranks. So far ive gone through 36 out of 63 its pretty easy to rank up.
In unturned you must survive a zombie apocalypse by looting towns and farms to find food and weapons.
The Beach
This year i earned about $40 dollars doing yard work between my mom and my grandparents i probably worked about 6-8 hours doing things like pulling weeds and mowing the lawn. Which isn't much for how much i did but it yet i still did it.
Watched videos..
For most of my summer i was glued to my tablet and ended up watching at least 400hrs of videos which was allot but eventually i do want to become a Youtuber myself and if i put enough time and money in it i could have that for a job because Youtube pays allot of money for good Youtubers. But the main reason i want to be a Youtuber is the fact that i could play games as my job and get paid enough to live like a king doing it!
Doing random things...
Stayed up 24hours
One night over summer vacation i stayed up 24hrs watching a 100k or 1million subcriber special. The name of the youtuber who livestreamed over on twitch.tv was PeteZahHutt who plays with alot of other youtubers i watch! After that day i ended up sleeping about 13hrs about twice as much as earlier i said my normal was.
Started running out of things to do i mainly repeated what i did over and over...
I only really visited my mom whose living about 20 minutes away with her boy friend even though i would have like to go to Florida to visit my dad (who had moved there when i was 3 years old and i haven't seen since) we didn't have enough time or money to do it.
Yard work
I didnt do to much over summer so this is just a bunch of different small things i did but you cant blame me i didn't know i would have to write 10 things i did this summer so here are some things i did.
I rode my bike for about an entire hour over vacation..
I started saving for a nice computer to record Youtube videos so far $20/$2500
I went shopping like 3 times with parent who bought absolutely nothing..
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