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Creative Writing For Video Games

Assignment 1 For John Baker

John Kavanagh

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Creative Writing For Video Games

Story Development The Brief history of story telling History Cave Paintings This is the oldest form of story telling which dates back to 30,000 BC with Neanderthal man telling stories to others who may come across these paintings through pictures. these stories could have been about the struggles of survival or even to worn others that an area could be dangerous. Poems Poems are what where used to tell the story's of peoples life of how the poet feels. Novels This is a story that has great detail in the way its told giving most of the characters a back story and even the world a back story. Films This is the modern way of story telling it is from theater and will show a more realistic form of theater allowing for other locations in different country's. films are often based on books and plays from the past giving allowing a new audience. Theatre The oldest form of acting out a story. writers used to write secessions, scenes and specks then actors take on the roles of the characters. Up until the 1660's women where played by men and women where aloud on stage. Fable This is a short story which has a moral message to teach child mainly right from wrong and example of this is the Scorpion and the Frog Myth This is a story based upon religious beliefs examples are the origins of man and riches guarded by monsters. The most common story's come from Greece and Rome. Legend This could be an elaborated version of the truth highlighting and exaggerating these aspects to make the person seem braver and stronger than they really are. Forum Play This is where the play will be played once and then the second time the director will pause the play and allow the audiences to change the subject. Text For a long time not many pieces of writing appeared in text for the masses the biggest one was the bible, due to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press allowed for books to be printed to the masses. Graphic Novels & Comics This merges classic text writing from novels and other books and also involves detailed images to accompany the writing. Small selection of Genres in Games Genre Action War Action games tend to have very little story but war games tend to have most. They might use historical events normally to base the story on, not allowing for a major back story. Call Of Duty uses sequels to give the game a prolonged and slightly detailed story. With the modern warfare series following Soap, Price and Ghost and plots their fight to help save the world. Racing Racing games like most sports games have little if no story to them and will just give you a basic purpose, like the Need for Speed series. This normally puts you as a cop undercover and you have to get to the villains' boss. RPG These are games that are centered in a world or universe with a huge back story of characters, events and even locations. These also focus on one person who is the chosen one and will save the world from evil. Fantasy This is based on the world of myth, usually set in the past with magic and monsters, before any modern day technology. Sci-Fi This is set in the future world and can be based on when man explores the galaxy. A lot of these games focus on soldiers or survivors and the player will have to stop something from destroying their existence. Action Adventure These are games that can have a lot of story but mainly focus on game play and puzzle solving. These games, when they have a large detailed story, this can normally focus on some one being shipwrecked, for instance. Survival The stories in these games are normally focused on a disaster that has happened and the player will try to find what happened and stop it from getting worse while also trying to keep themselves and others alive. Horror The horror scene uses the survival element in most of their games. They do this by making items hard to find, like weapons, ammo and health. The most popular series' in this genre are Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken have very simple story's like most action games and only have it to give the player a reason to fight. MMORPG This is a game that puts the player as the chosen one who then takes on quests that can effect the world. The game play will only effect them by changing the things which the individual experiences through there actions Strategy Strategy games can have a detailed story and can be based in already existing worlds like Halo Wars and LOTR-BFME. These games both were created around a previously existing universe and story line. Halo Halo is a first person shooter and the game opened up a new universe for the basis of a franchise. The world of Halo now consist of FPS games an RTS an anime film and graphic novels LOTR Lord Of The Rings started life as a novel based in the world of Middle Earth. This world had other novels based in its past. This has opened the way for the story to be told through films, games and novels. Most of the games based on LOTR are based on the films. Some have spinoff stories like the RTS Battle For Middle Earth and the Final Fantasy style game LOTR Third Age. Another popular RTS series is Command and Conquer which have made smaller mini series's such as Red Alert, which is based on an alternative version of the cold war. The story in C&C games is told through cinematics with real people, which most games don't use. These have little back story like most games. COD The COD MW series followed the soldiers who are hunting the man who started a war. Along the way players will be in constant war zones fighting for their lives and to save fellow troops. Following the same story and characters allows the player to gain emotional attachment to the characters. During the mission loading screen it will inform players with whats happened world wide and new developments in the war. Simulation These games often have no story and are use to give the player a different way to experience sports and life. The most well know are Fifa and Sims. FIFA FIFA is the football game series, in the game the player will pick there favorite team and then proceed through the league table to become the best team. Sims Sims is the life simulator game that allows players to live life there way. the optimum goal is to get a carrier, marriage then children but player can do this however they wish with the option of avoiding it all together. A Summary on Symbolism Symbolism This is the use of symbols, coulours and pictures that subcontchaly can tell the player who is allie and enemy or alert them of danger or safty. Colour colour can be used to represent certain aspects of a character. Red Red can symbalize a many number of emotion in the brain Red can symbolize love and this can be shown in items of clothing Red can also symbolize rage and anger this can be shown in soilders uniform or the groups symbol Blue Blue is normally associated with good and oceans Blue is used to show normally the navy in military story. Black This is normally used to show the villain in a game e.g. Darth Vader and RAAM both were black Armour to show they are an enemy to the protagonist. Symbols Symbols can show friendly or enemy zones they can also show how to use a certain item. Zones People who follow the game franchise or series will recognize certain in-game symbols. Star wars Star wars is a franchise that uses certain symbols to allow the player to know who controls the area. The Heros Journey Normality/Equilibrium All is calm in the protagonist world nothing happens out of the ordinary to him and lives a normal and easy life. The Invitation The hero is offered to go on an adventure or events occurs meaning he has little choice. when the invitations offered the hero normally declines the offer at first. Disequilibrium/ crossing the first threshold The protagonist cos across there first challenge or fight this normally ends in the hero almost dieing then using a hidden strength to over come them. In Bioshock the first challenge is a splicer that appears after you collect your wrench this lets the player get a small idea of whats ahead. After your plane crashers you have no choice but to go to the light house. Inside you find a submarine type sphere which you enter to go to rapture. Once on board an irish man called Atlas will speak and ask you to go and help find his family. In Bioshock you play as Jack who is on board a flight over the Atlantic ocean for reasons which are not apparent. the screen then blacks out. The Approach This is when the hero knows where the bad guy is and is ready to fight him and anything that stands between them In Bioshock Jack is ready to fight the primary antagonists Frank Fontaine. Before he can reach him he must over come the phrases used to control him even one that stops his heart. The Ordeal The hero confronts the boss and kill/ captures them. In Bioshock the final fight is with Frank Fontaine who has altered his body with plasmids. once weekend a group of little sisters come and kill him. New Equalibrium The heroes life return to normal after his ordeal. After you Defeat Frank Fontaine you return to the surface with five of the little sister who live out there lives under the care of Jack. The Heros Reward This is where the hero claims there reward or spools of war. Symbols can be used to show the player what type of building it is e.g. a church or hospital Music music can often show whether a character is good, bad, happy or sad This music let the player know its and evil character by it sounding dark and deep. Emotions Sad Sadness is an emotion used in games often so the player has a reason to continue and to keep on fighting. Gears of war two is a good example as Dom finds his wife almost dead and choices it would be best for her to die this gives him a reason to keep killing the locust and win the war. Fear Fear is also used in many games mainly surviaval horror. often done in cinematic to add a dark and eare element to the game. games have eneies chase you down or jump out at you to scare the player. Good examples of this would be Dead space and resident evil as these are both survival horror games which use both jumpy elements and chase down scenes. Happiness This can be achieved by rewarding the player for a good deed as more commonly used alternative ending. Spider man web of shadows offers five alternative endings depending on the paths you chose through out the game. Interactive Story What is An Interactive Story an interactive story is one where the player choices determine what happens in the game and effects the overall ending of the game In Dead Rising you are given specific times to start cases depending weather you complete them or not determines the out come so dose saving survivors and if you make it to the chopper in time. Canon This is the true story in a series and will include certain events and that cause other events to take place. Alternative Endings Alternative endings do not effect the Canon as only one is the true ending and the other is a what if ending and dose not follow the canon. Representation Men Men are more likely to be the hero in games, they are also depicted as strong willed and handsome. Women Women are often shown as weak defenseless characters but they can be shown as heroes to and its becoming ever more popular that women are shown this way. Aliens aliens are often represented as man-kinds worst enemy who only wont to kill all humans. recently games have shown that aliens can also be allies and don't have to be bent on the destruction of humans. the "friendly" aliens are normally have more human feature where as the "evil" aliens will have more animal like features such a sharp teeth, claws and wings. Strategies Free writing This is when a person writes check grammar or spelling. What is written often makes little sense and is usable but aspect of it can be used for something eles. Brain storming This allows the writer to write down a few words then expand on there ideas rapidly Story boards these can help let the writer visualize how his story will pan out and if it will work or not.
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