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By: Jordan Fernandes

Jordan Fernandes

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of ALS

By: Jordan Fernandes
Raise your hand if....
Quick Facts

~ALS usually affects people from the ages 40-60 but they usually find out that they have ALS when they are 55-75 years of age.
~About twenty percent of people with ALS live five years or more and up to ten percent will survive more than ten years and five percent will live 20 years.
~Anyone can get ALS
~The ALS ice bucket challenge raised over $100 million dollars over the course of about 4 years

The ALS Association is a non-profit organization that fights Lou Gehrig's disease. Every donation is needed and used to search for better treatments and possible cures. Every dollar counts.You can donate at...
Now, raise your if ...
The End,

but just the beginning of the fight against ALS
Do you know what it is like having ALS? Think about not being able to walk, talk or do simple everyday tasks without tons of help. Now, imagine being told you have ALS. ALS is a chronic and progressive disease that is 100% fatal. There is currently no cure and it leaves most with only 2-5 years to live, if they have a serious case of ALS.
1. You know what ALS stands for or what it is?
2. You know the symptoms of ALS?
3. You know how ALS is treated?
4. You know how you can help find a cure for ALS
Lou Gehrig's Disease
/ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
~ ALS is a disease that kills the nerve cells in your central nervous system that controls your voluntary muscle movement.
The Impact of ALS
~Muscle weakness and shrinking through out the body
~Upper/lower neurons die, making messages to the brain stop
e.g. speaking, walking,swallowing and moving your body are now difficult

-difficulty chewing and/or swallowing
-stiffness/weakness in muscles
-slurred, nasal speech

ALS is hard to diagnose but when these symptoms develop into clear weaknesses, this may persuade your physician to believe you have ALS.
Possible symptoms:
~ALS does not currently have a cure
~The FDA have approved the 1st ever drug treatment for ALS.
Riluzole :
-Reduces damage of motor neutrons
-Gives a better chance of survival by several months (mostly in those who have difficulty swallowing)
-Gives more time until patient needs help breathing using a machine
-Not able to heal damage already done to the body
This drug offers hope that will one day ALS will be slowed down with medication.
Other treatments are designed to help the pain caused by ALS and improve the quality of life.
Types of ALS
~About 75% of those with ALS have Limb onset ALS, the other 25% have Bulbar onset ALS.

Limb onset:
-has awkwardness walking or running
-increase of tripping and stumbling

-having trouble with simple tasking with their hands/arms requiring the ability to move small object (e.g. buttoning your shirt)

Bulbar Onset:
-difficulty speaking clearly (their speech is difficult to understand)
- nasal speech or soft talking
-difficulty swallowing and loss of tongue movement follow
-eventually full loss of speech and ability to keep airway clear while swallowing is experienced
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
1. You know what ALS stands for or what it is?
2. You know the symptoms of ALS?
3. You know how ALS is treated?
4. You know how you can help find a cure for ALS?
The ALS association made a fun and exciting challenge, that was used to create awareness for ALS.Most of you probably know it as the #icebucketchallange.Many people got involved, including your average person,celebrities, animated/cartoon characters, and even ALS patients themselves!!
Help create a world without ALS
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