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What is Greek Architecture

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gs students

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of What is Greek Architecture

Ionic Order
The Erechtheum was a temple from the middle classical period of greek architecture and art.The Erechtheum was built on the Acropolis of Athens between 421 and 405 B.C..The Erechtheum contained shrines to Athena Polias,Posiedon,and Erchtheus.
Corthian Order was the most decorative of the classic orders of archtecture. It was also the latest not coming at full development until the middle of the 4th century B.C.. The oldest example is found in the temple of Apollo at Bassae.
Greek Architecture
The Three Forms of Architectural Systems
Doric Order
Parthenon- The temple of Athena Parthenos, the greek goddess of wisdom,her temple was on the Acropolis in Athens.Parthenon was built in the 5 century B.C..Regardless of the damage that it has caused over the centuries,it still informs the ideas of order and peace for which Greek architecture is known for.
What is Greek Architecture
Greek architecture was a form of art in ancient Greece.It was a type of sculpting and building.There were three forms of the Greek architectural systems and each form was different.
Greek Architecture
Temple of Athena Parthenos
After learing about greek architecture I have learned that is not only a type of building but an art.I have learned that it was divided into three systems and that each system was different Architecture was very important to the greeks and still is important to many countries around the world.
Doric-Very sturdy and plain,was used in mainland Greece and colonies in Italy and Sicily
Ionic-Compared to Doric it is thin and more elegant the capital is designed like a scroll with its ends rolled up,it was found in eastern Greece and in islands
Corinthian-It is often used in the Greek world but is also seen in Roman temples,its capital is very detailed with acanthus leaves
Corinthian Order
the capital is also known as the top
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