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Pepperweb Profile

An introduction to Pepperweb services

Pepperweb .Co

on 22 January 2017

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Transcript of Pepperweb Profile

Who we are ?
Pepperweb was formed in 2007 by a group of technical entrepreneurs in Paris
17 employees covering
Content Writing
Digital Marketing

Open source technology
Internet marketing
Mobile applications
Graphic design
Web programming
Social Media Management
User-friendly usability
SEO-friendly design and functionality
Our mission is to provide the best possible service in areas including
Our approach and objectives ?
It 's our working process that makes us unique !
Our approach and objectives
We can resume the Digital World by 3 words
user friendly
Our approach and objectives
user friendly
Confirm the branding of the company, professionally and in an aesthetically pleasing manner

Clearly communicate the content that brought the user there in the first place

Create a feeling associated with the goals of the company brand. E.g. professional, cutting edge, warm, homely

Lay out the important information in a logical and accessible manner, following established rules, or innovating new ones
Why is design so important in the Digital World ?
1. Content creates touch points with your audience.
2. Content attracts links.
3. Content fuels your social media marketing.
4. Increasing trust
5. Valuable content keeps people coming back
Why is content so important online ?
Why Digital has to be user friendly ?
The single largest determining factor in a new process's success is acceptance by the end user.
Make it simple
Make it helpful
Make it enjoyable
Teach the users
Let users teach other users
Our approach and objectives
in 8 steps
Our offer
Creative Designs
Code implementation
Website Launch
Post Development Support
Our services
This is ..... Pepperweb
Our work
This is ..... Pepperweb
Web Site Development
Graphic Design
Mobile Development
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