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My First Prezi

No description

August Rundle

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of My First Prezi

An ATV is a small open vehicle with three or four large wheels that is used to drive over very rough ground.
When was it invented and by who?
In 1967, Honda lead engineer Osamu Takeuchi and his team began formulating the design for the first all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, to be commercially produced.
How was it used back the to today?
Today it is used to drive over very rough ground and sometimes sporting and racing events also recreational jobs was originally made to drive over very rough ground but back then it is used for just driving over rough ground for a short distance
Why was it developed
It was developed to handle a variety of terrain and have evolved into a popular recreational vehicle.
How has this product impacted society in a negative way?
It Impacted society in a bad way by it was run on gas and gas pollutes the air. Also that is bad for the economy.
How has this product impacted society in a positive way?
It impacted in a positive way by helping people who needs to go someplace and that is not that far away and it is rough terrain.
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
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