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The Scientific Method Featuring:The Gummy Bear Lab By: Amanda & Eliana

No description

6th Grade

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Scientific Method Featuring:The Gummy Bear Lab By: Amanda & Eliana

Would the gummy bear increase or decrease in length and weight after being soaked in water for two minutes? Research Question Our hypothesis was that if we soaked the gummy bear in water then it would increase in length and weight. The Hypothesis The Experiment The controlled variables are the water and the total length of the experiment. The independent variable is the size of the gummy bear. And the dependent variable is the size and weight of the gummy bear. The Variables We analyzed the data by creating two different line graphs for the lengths and the weights of the gummy bears. On the X axis, it showed the time in minutes. On the Y axis, it showed the weight in grams. A trend was that over the first 10 minutes, the bears increased in length and weight and then we saw a decrease. Recording The Data By: Amanda & Eliana The Scientific Method Featuring: Gummy Bear Lab! The experiment is putting a large and a small gummy bear into two separate glasses of water. At the two minute mark, we took them out and measured them and weighed the gummy bears. Then we put them back in for another two minutes and repeated the process for a total of 26 minutes. Data Analysis Conclusion! Our hypothesis, that the gummy bears would increase in length and weight, was accepted because the big gummy bear was 0.3g bigger and 4mm longer at 26 minutes. Some trends were that in the first 10 minutes, it increased 1.2g and 4 mm then after that it started decreasing. Some issues could have been that the scale wasn't zeroed out or that someone measured it wrong. Another is that it could have been wet. In conclusion, the gummy bear did increase in length and weight. This is important because it means we won't explode because the gummy bear got too big for our stomachs to hold. It also proves that gummy bears do dissolve in water/liquid. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
For both the small and the large gummy bears, we had a chart with 3 columns in each. The titles of the 3 columns were time, mass, and length. We recorded the mass and length for both gummy bears at two minute intervals. When we started the experiment, the big gummy bear weighed 10.1g and was 36mm long. When we ended it, it was 10.4g and 40mm.
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