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My Role Model: Joey Graceffa

No description

zoey page

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of My Role Model: Joey Graceffa

My Role Model: Joey Graceffa
Name: Joseph 'Joey' Michael Graceffa
Born: May 16, 1991 in Boston Massachusetts
Age: 22
Following his dream of making youtube a full time career
He got through a divorce
his mom being an alcoholic
his mom and sister fighting everyday
Why is he my role model?
Joey Graceffa is my role model because he followed his dreams no matter what life threw at him. He will guide to to the future because he taught me no matter how stupid your dreams are, if you don't put your head down you can accomplish them.
Character Traits:
Positive Attitude: Joey is almost always positive and tries not to let anything bother him
Perseverance: He followed his dreams no matter what people said to him and what life threw at him
Respect: He respects other people and their things. He always asks what he can you and what he shouldn't touch.
Honesty/Integrity: He is always honest and does the right thing.
Appreciation/Gratitude: He says thank you when ever someone does something for him and he always does something nice back
Self-Control: He makes his videos appropriate for young audiences
Loyalty: He never lets his friends and family down
Responsibility: He gets done what needs to be done and when he is told to do it.
Impact on Society:
Joey Graceffa's impact on society is:
He is teaching 1,400,000 people to keep their head up and dream big.
Helping Others?
Joey Graceffa helps others because he donates half of his money he gets off of youtube to charities and hospitals all around California.
Positive Choices?
Joey Graceffa's positive choices are:
Joey's interests are:
Joey has passed 8th grade and high school but he dropped out of college in the end of his second year because he felt that it wasn't what he wanted to do.
Joey, as most people call him, had a bad childhood. When he was just 4 years old his parents got a divorce. Then when he was 5 his sister was his role model so played with dolls and wore dresses, which got him teased by his cousin a lot, because he wanted to be just like her. When Joey was 6 he was living with his single mother and his sister in an apartment complex. The apartment was so old that some old paint chips fell onto some of Joey's toys and he ate them. That caused him to get lead paint poisoning and a learning disability.
Childhood cont.
When he was 7 his step dad came into the picture. Joey would call him the chinese man because he would always have chinese food. But just 6 months later Joey's mom and step dad decided to separate because things weren't going as planed. Then Joey's mom started heavily drinking. After this started, Joey's mom and sister started to get into some pretty heated fights, almost every day, about his mom's drinking. Also, in a failed attempt to bring his two kittens to the top bunk of his bed, Joey cracked his head open and got 5 staples. When Joey was 9 his step dad came back and his mom sobered up for 2 years. Through all this, Joey had a small youtube career going with his best friend, Brittany. At the age of 19 Joey and Brittany packed up her car and moved all the way from Boston to Los Angeles.
Pursuing youtube as a full time career
Collecting pokemon cards
Playing minecraft
The Hunger Games
Leaving Boston and going to L.A. with Brittany
Pursuing his dreams
Donating money
Being with people who share the same interests
What do we have in common?
Joey and I both:
Are following our dreams
Trying our hardest in school
Staying away from bad choices
Try to be as nice and considerate as possible
Keeping our heads held high
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