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Career: Special Effects Make-up Artist

Talks about the requirements and information for this career and two colleges/universities you can attend to achieve this.

Gabriela Espinoza

on 5 January 2012

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Transcript of Career: Special Effects Make-up Artist

Special Effects
Make-up Artist
Definition: An artist who specializes in make-up. Uses wigs, prostheetics, make-up, etc. to give a desired look such a revolting zombie or a talking animal. Works in movies, fairs, fasion shows, tv broadcasting, theme parks, etc.
There isn't a specific field of training but most students decide to take cosmetology classes. Most people learn by being interns or assistants.
Tasks Involved:
Skills Required:
The most important tool you will need is your personality. You must be able to work well with other people. A keen eye for color will also be needed.
Economic Outlook
The two top paying states for special effects make-up artists are California and New York. People working in the movie industry earn about $38.27 an hour.
Cooperating with others is a must. A strong stomach may be helpful if the artist plans to work with horror or any of the sort. Artists mold different parts of the body, make budgets for their supplies, and make sketches and designs.
Colleges to Prepare You
Hazards/Environmental Conditions:
The ones that are mostly affected by this line of work are the models. Makeup can cause skin irritation and allergies. Some people are allergic to latex. Chemicals found in the nmaterials used by the SPX Makeup artists can cause chronic illnesses, burns, cancer, and other occupational illnesses.
Vancouver Film School
Technological Impact
Today, film makers are discovering new ways to create special effects. Some are negative and ohers are positive. With todays technology, it has been made easier for artists to apply makeup onto actors and models. In the future, makeup artists may no longer be needed due to he advancement of computers.
Tools, Machine, Material, and Academics Used
One of the most important tools is of course makeup Your personaliy should also be included in this list. Arists use a wide variey of tools such as brushes, scalpel, and pencils and paper.
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Tuition for Make-up courses:
About $45,000 USD
All materials needed for the classes are included with the tuition including the makeup kit which is about $5,000 US.
Location: Hollywood, California
Tuition: About $17,595
Ei School of Professional Makeup
Tuition includes all other materials needed for the classes.
Get Started
Resumes let your employer know about you. It will aid him/her in the decision of hiring you.
Gabriela Espinoza

Objective: Looking for a position as a special effects make-up artist or as an assistant for another special effects make-up artist.

Experience: 2008- 2009, 2010-2011 Miami Middle School Ft. Wayne, IN
Leader of the Otaku Club
Chose entertainment for each club meeting
Set the dates for each meeting
Created flyers for the club which recruited numerous members
Looked over the members once the teacher(s) were out of the room
2010-2011 Beyond Closed Doors Film Ft. Wayne, IN
Special Effects Make-up Artist
Created the zombies for the movie
Created the blood splatters
Budgeted all materials
2011-2015 Film Club Ft. Wayne, IN
Special Effects Make-up Artist
Leader of Film Club
Budgeted materials

Education: 2011-2015 South Side High School Ft. Wayne, IN
Honor Classes, Foreign Language, Music
IB Diploma
Rock Club (record keeper, recorder and drummer)
Spanish Club
Concert Band (read and created music, played in percussion section)
Film Club

video games, horror, anime/manga, paranormal, art, music, other world cultures
1356 N. Cypress Ave.
(714) 7643-8912
Get through Freshman year
Recieve my Confirmation
Gain experience through the film club
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
This school doesn't just offer makeup courses but also other courses such as graphic design, film, and any thing else in fine arts.
This school offers you to work on set at Hollywood while finishing you classes.
Gain experience through the film club
Remain focused on school
Don't mess up my future
Stay in/Move to L.A.
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