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Computer Acoounts

BY: Osama

Osama Maqsood

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Computer Acoounts

Computer Accounts By:Osama Maqsood E Mac Accounts -The E Mac account is an safe place to keep all your information safe.

-The E Mac Account is safe because Nobody can access it only you can that’s why it’s so safe.
First Class Accounts -The First Class account is an really useful set of
-Its email with different server you can also chat,
send documents
Also calendars to keep you running so that’s it
So first class Awsome.
Google Accounts -Google accounts are iGoogle, Youtube, Google Docs
and many more,
-iGoogle is like an blog you may post anything on it with asome gadgets
like weather etc...
-Youtube as many of you people know abot is just an gazillion
streaming video, also this is an google account.
-So next we have is google docs and google readear which are
in google docs you can organize your files how you want like an
presetation you would want to share on the web. And on google reader you may post articles, news, also feeds and etc....
-Blogger as we are working on currently is an google account which you may post any thing on there like an writing with an picture its like you are just writing things you want your friends to see.

Wiki Spaces -On wikispaces you first have to join to post things like we joined Mr.Coopers you can also make your own account for free.
-We use wiki spaces with Mr.Cooper as he posts the home work in an really organized way.
-Also wikipedia which has an lot of information which you may edit online.
Resources Google images all
And all information is out of osama's perspective off all accounts. Thank You Thanks for taking out your time I hope
you liked it.
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