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Trading card game

agost 678

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Pokemon

The best trading card game! There are many types and pokemon! Diglett is one example of a pokemon. Top ten pokemon You should try pokemon vs. Who will win? Who's yours? My favorite pokemon are Dark Lugia and Lugia! Dark Lugia These are shiny pokemon Shiny pokemon are pokemon stronger that their original forms. There are:
Unova There are five pokemon regions These are some of the strongest pokemon. Lugia The first Pokemon is Bulbasaur. There are more that 600 Pokemon! That's a lot! All the starter pokemon and their evolved forms. Pokeballs are what people use to catch pokemon! These are all the pokeballs. Like Ash, many pokemon trainers worldwide use pokeballs! Pokemon Legendary battle Royale Hoenn Top 10 cutest pokemon Top 10 best ninja pokemon Top 10 fastest pokemon ever The top ten ugliest pokemon Trainers use these to heal their pokemon. These are pokemon potions. Trainers use these to look up pokemon This is a pokedex. Sceptile vs. Blaziken (Not all the legendaries) Legendary battle The story of Lucario Top ten most heroic pokemon Lucario The dragon trio The bird trio The lake guardians Legendary dogs The tower guardians Top ten most popular pokemon Top ten funny pokemon Top ten most beautiful pokemon Top ten scary pokemon The Sonic Heros Pokemon These are real pokemon Cubone Lugia You should try pokemon Thanks for watching! Dusklops Duskull, Dusklops, and Dusknoir Duskull Dusknoir All of them Darkri Kyogre vs. Groudon Lucario vs. Buizel Ash vs. Paul Sinnoh League Ash vs. Gary Johto League Ash vs. Takuto Hoenn League
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