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Marketing Plan

Faizan Qazi

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Scentsy

Scentsy Marketing Plan Nate O'Donnell-Faizan Qazi-Julian Garcia Outline Mission Statement
Vision Statement
State of Business
Industry Information
Target Market
Possible Market Mission Statement We strive to bring you a wide variety of unique original and rich traditional scents at your convenience Vision Statement Social Media Example Widen our customer base, increase the number of consultants and to achieve superstar director status Target Market Women (25-45 years old) Stay at home moms Middle Class Pet owners Industry Information 2.3 Billion dollar Industry annually

35% of sales occur during holiday season

400 Commercial Candle Manufacturers

Candle sales have grown 10%-15%

Candles are used in 7 out 10 households in America Facebook Demographics Male
51.2% Female
48.8% 35-44
14.8% 26-34
25.4% 18-25
25.3% 13-17
21.0% 55-64
5.0% 45-54
8.5% Average user:
Has 130 friends
Visits Facebook 40 times a month
Is connected to 80 community pages * Facebooks degree of
penetration relative to the population of each state is over 50% in most cases Gender Female Source-InsideFacebook Organize with Google Apps Marketing Mix Product: Electric powered, top of the line array of flame-less candles. Bundling, Green, Affordable Price: Flat rate $25-$35, product prizes for party purchases, free shipping. Longevity, Sale Prices Place: 10 mile radius from Lebanon in homes, offices, and events. Expand into new territory Promotion: Facebook, mailing lists, business cards, samples, word of mouth. Create a buzz, Editorial Strengths M ulti-task oriented I ndependent L aborious F un loving Possible Market Segments Minorities College Students Men Goals Super Star Director
($10,000 Monthly Pay) Improve Organizational Skills Increase Market Share Weakness Time Management
Unskilled Workforce
Lack of Focus
Too Sales Oriented
Restricted Outlook
Limited Funding
Other Responsibilities Threats Retail Product Mail Order and Other Sources Zoning Laws and Other Regulations Non-Disposable Incomes Opportunity Growing Target Market Development of Niche Markets Recovering Economy Growing Industry Crystal's Brand Investing in Yourself Command Respect Dress to Impress Create an Impression Suggestions Custom Receipts Incentive Program Credit Card/ Debit Card References http://www.insidefacebook.com http://www.waxmelters.com/Candle-Business-Industry-Facts-s/54.htm http://www.google.com/intl/en/enterprise/apps/business/ State of Business Shopping Product Growth Untapped
Market Expanding
Consultants Growing Sales S,W.O.T.
Marketing Mix
Social Media
Google Apps
Crystal's Brand
References Follow Up Interview Consultants View Growth Survey Customers While Making Your Business Larger Making Your World Smaller Thank You
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