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South American Vacation

This is a project for social studies.

Ian Poage

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of South American Vacation

The Vacation of
a Lifetime Once you head out... you will fist stop at the Kalamazoo Airport. This is where we you'll be headed on this trip. 1. Mexico City 2.Mentego, Jamaica 3. Cuzco, Peru A trip from Kalamazoo to Mexico City might take a while.... still going.... Now to find a place to stay theese places are very cool :) I arranged for you to stay with the nice, Miguel family.
They are exited to have you over So sit down and read
a book for a while.
Mexico City Now you need a place to stay. They will take you to some very fine restruants. after you stay the night....
You will have alot of fun flying in a hot air ballon over some ancient sivilazations.... and waching exotic birds... but the best is you will tour and ancient Aztec temple. Even when you have to leave
Mexico City, you'll go to Jamaica. Jamaica will be just as fun. (or better) Jamaica You have to have a place to stay... I have talked to the Fern family and
they will let you spend the night. They will make you some
home made food. In Jamaica you'll go deep sea
fishing.... You will visit one of the biggest waterfalls in the world... and you will go to dolphin cove By: Ian Poage This trip isn't over yet you have 1 more place to visit. Peru Peru is the best
place yet :) Peru is amazing, it has all sorts
of ruins and natural beauty. the Nolk family will let you stay with them I've saved the best for last :) Peru is famous for its ruins. You are
going to visit Cuzco. You are going to visit Machu Picchu. and visit the Andies Mountains. Sadly, this is the end. :( You have to fly back to the Kalamazoo Airport. End 1 dollar in Mexico = 12 pesos Mexico is warm all
year. Mexico has lots of
valleys and canyons. 1 dollar = 88 dollars in Jamaica Jamaica is a sunny
resort. It is sandy and
bright. 1 dollar = 3.16 soles Peru is close to the
water and has lots of
ruins ...Ocho Rio
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