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All Souls Day

No description

Clinton Reid II

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of All Souls Day

All Souls Day Prezi
Mrs. Smith

All Souls Day
By: Clinton Reid, Clamoy Lowe, Luke Scott, Kelcy Hunter, Samantha Sooman
Commemorates family members who have died throughout the year.
Pray to get a person’s soul out of Purgatory.
Helps the Soul into Heaven.
Where is it Celebrated?
Latin America
What is it?
All Souls Day (Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed) is a solemn Roman Catholic Feast.
A public/ private holiday in some countries.
Commemorates those who have died.
Related to the customs of ancestor worship worldwide.
The modern date was popularized in the 11th Century.

Who Celebrates it and Why?
Roman Catholics
When is it Celebrated?
November 2 (third day of Hallowmas)
Eve of Pentecost(Eastern Churches)

Activities that take Place
The grave of a loved one is decorated with flowers.
A small mass or prayer is held in the cemetery.
The graves of a loved one is blessed with holy water.
Candles are lit.
Special Foods are eaten.
Pray for a soul in Purgatory
Food is shared with the poor
What is worn?
Formal/ Church Clothes
Sometimes Casual Clothes are worn.
Special Foods
Split Pea Soup
Ossi di Morto
Pan de Muerto
Soul Food
Sugar Skulls
The skull
The marigold
The raven
The light of a fire

Memorial Day
Veterans Day
Dia de Los Muertos
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