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The Outsiders book and movie difference

No description

Erin O'Hara

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Outsiders book and movie difference

The Outsiders:
The differences The Book The Movie Both . No weapons in the rumble! . Darry slapped Ponyboy.
. Ponyboy cut the worm with a switchblade.
.Dally hit Ponyboy in the head when he got out of the church.
.The press was all over Sodapop at the hospital.
.Two - Bit when to the pharmacy to get Gone with the Wind.
.Cherry was considered a spy.
. Pony took five aspirins for his headache.
.Ponyboy kept saying he hated boloney.
. Sodapop has brown hair.
. Dally has brown hair.
.Dally, Pony and Johnny chased little lids
. Darry pushed Ponyboy.
.There was a raccoon outside of the church.
. Dally yelled at a girl because she wanted a dime.
. Ponyboy fainted when he left the burning church.
.Two - Bit when to the gift shop to get Gone with the Wind.
. Cherry threw coke in Dally's face.
. Johnny stood up for Cherry when Dally was being dirty.
. Cherry claimed that things were rough for the Socs.
.Pony and Johnny fell asleep in the lot.
.Ponyboy's parents died in a car crash.
. Johnny killed Bob.
.The Socs tried to drowned Pony.
.Dally gave Johnny and Pony directions to the church.
. Pony and Johnny took the train to the church.
. The church is old.
. Johnny got Pony Gone with the Wind.
.Dally got the boys Dairy Queen.
.Ponyboy bleached his hair,
.Johnny wanted to turn himself in.
.Johnny and Pony watched the sunset while Pony recited Nothing can Stay Gold.
.The church caught on fire.
. Darry and Soda went to the hospital to see Pony.
.The newspaper said the boys were heros and how their was going to be a trail.
.Randy talked to Pony about Bob.
.The nurse wouldn't let the boys see Johnny.
.Johnny didn't want to see his mother.
.Pony was not guilty.
. Dally callled the boys and told them he had robbed a store.
.Pony knew something bad is going to happen.
. Dally got shot.
Johnny told Pony to stay gold.
.Dally cried when Johnny died.
.Cherry told Pony she couldn't look at the guy who killed her boyfriend.
The last rumble:
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